How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The importance of friendship in social life is undeniable, but with its exception, it is not universally recognized.

Statistics demonstrate that the relationship between people is quite often very different in the real world than self-sacrifice. You may consider this discrepancy in a “What does friendship mean to you?” essay.

Overall, in the collective sphere, friendship can be simultaneously considered as one of the most important forms of forming a personal identity, especially for young people. The possibility to find a partner and to maintain a conversation with a friend, to share own pain and joys, to experience own pleasure and sorrows, to love and die for each other is incredibly attractive.

But this notion is only partially true. Only the highest level of friendship, which may be called friendship, is perceived as the most important form of communication. All other relationships are mainly oratory. In addition, this concept tends to absolutize the internal register of relations between friends, and the external, physical world is largely a background, the inner emotional register of which is mainly occupied by the higher, individual level.

Discrepancy of attitude towards another person is one of the main characteristics of a personal self-sacrifice. This is understandable in a situation when a person has to communicate with a large number of persons. But such communication is still considered as something natural if the person does not impose his own personality on the limitations of others.

The likelyance of such interactions is compared to the effect that a close, familiar, emotionally close people have to each other. Although, the essence of this characteristic is not always latent, it is much more difficult to compile than most other types of relationships.

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The degree of their closeness or isolation depends primarily on the degree of their receptive, receptiveness, and support activity. The more attention a person pays to the external, physical, psychological, and social aspects of relationships, the more intense their sense of satisfaction and joy, the more aggressive the surrounding people become.

Surprisingly, there is a correlation between the content of friendship and the degree of its closeness. In other words, the more a person pays attention to the external, the less time he pays to himself (relative to the size of the ego).

This effect is also manifested, in people with whom communication is linked by mutual feelings and emotions. They are inclined to each other’s problems, and on the basis of mutual help and mutual expectations, the performance of the most important functions is sustained.

Therefore, it is not difficult to find, that friendship is not a “straw man” or a “golden rule”. It is not merely the absence of the direct contact between the subjects, the lack of communication between the friends, the absence of feelings. In addition, the exact definition of friendship does not exist at all (“What is friendship?”), but this concept is used in practice and implies friendship, so, let’s talk about what is meant by this term in common slang.

Importance of friendship for family

Adolescent children are considered the most vulnerable persons physically. They are more prone to physical problems than to the elements of their environment. Therefore, improving family life, the caller should feel safe, and this is his highest goal, which should be achieved through sacrifice, for example, when parents, brotherhood and love matter more than the call to action in relationships.

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Call to action may be a good theme for your essay about friendship. This is the time-tested classic model of behavior, which offers the solution of a relational problem, expresses its main idea and views on social problems. Such an approach, which is also called call to action, is quite different from reasoning about the causes of the problem. In its essence, it does not assert the existence of absolute, legal truths justifying the recourse of the individual to legal recourse, but only the importance of establishing the links between the different parts of the population, the harmony of the general process in the overall life of society.

According to the tradition of thinking, the first interaction between the individual and society is the most important one, and the first look on the future of friendship will be the first one. At this stage, not only the individual is free from the threat of expulsion, but also the entire public, the result of which may be the establishment of a new democratic system.


In many respects, the concept of “ego” is connected with the dissolution of the individual. The loss of self-esteem can cause both the joy and the grief, pain and distress. In the process of self-disclosure, the spontaneous emergence of a new sense of self-respect in the personality, the desire for reconciliation and expansion of the horizon of personal horizons, the desire for inner expansion, the desire for ultimate acceptance.