How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

It is necessary to study the definition of friendship in social networks. We can assume that this concept is not unique to the Internet. So, it is quite reasonable to give a definition of friendship to avoid the confusion of some features of the genre.

Online friendship is not limited to simply the recollection of previous experiences. The more vivid the subject is, the more interesting it is to look for accurate definitions.

A definition of friendship for concisely sums up the above text: it is a special form of interpersonal interactions where the individual features recognize themselves and the position of friendship is one of the main criteria of the subjective experience of a person.

The psychological value of friendly relations is generally recognized as one of the most important human qualities, and the logical parts of the meaning of this quality is actively pursued in the study of the intangible meaning of friendship, in particular, the unconscious need for recognition.

Despite the fact that the subject is not a person, but the collective image of the absolute ideal of his behavior, in his behavior, especially in interpersonal relations, he is always close to other people, has a strong emotional connection with them, which, however, is sometimes not realized by the individual. The reasons for this requirement are the nature of the interpersonal relationships in the family, the tradition of self-disclosure and the desire to take the victim’s position under the influence of another person.

Record the following information in your friendship definitions essay:

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  • emotional-volitional needs;
  • sociational needs;
  • adaptive needs;
  • social needs;
  • the ability to recognize the other person’s image in relation to himself;
  • the lack of desire for respect for others;
  • social abandonment of the individual;
  • the lack of desire for good, due to which a person suffers from an internal tension, is concerned with the objective reality of the situation, does not tolerate other people but immediately declares his own position.
  • Such a personality is willing to take the victim’s position under conditions of weak friendship, but not the victim. The reason for this resolve is the need to establish position of the individual in the system of interpersonal relations, to take the first step on the way to freedom.

    Summing up, it should be noted in a positive friendship essay that, due to the existence of such requirements for interpersonal relations, some form of relationship between the object and the subject is possible, even considered as the most complex psychological process. Nevertheless, it is not sufficiently significant. In order to establish direct linkage between the subject and others, a person must have some level of cooperation with the object of interaction.

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    Writing about friendship in social media

    Friendship is often used as a psychological evaluation for the psychological aspects of the personality and the basis for the formation of social attitudes. Starting to write a friendship essay, you should explore the ways to express this concept in the field of communication with others.

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    The psychology of friendship, which emerged over fifty years ago, as well as other human sciences, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered questions of a general nature: what is the source of friendship, how do its rational and emotional components correlate, and what maintains the relationship that was once developed?

    Researchers of this period collected great empirical material illustrating how different people (mostly children and adolescents) understand friendship and choose friends. But the interpretation of the data mostly did not go beyond the framework of the ideas of ordinary consciousness and did not link with any special psychological theories. Only after the emergence of theory of friendship, its most important offspring (psychological and socio-psychological research programs) began to be formed.

    The subject of friendship is an individual’s self-actualization potential expressed in the form of attitudes: acceptance or rejection of certain ideas. Depending on the initial theoretical and methodological priorities of the authors, friendship was regarded as a kind of exchange, the satisfaction of emotional needs, an information process of mutual cognition, a social interaction of individuals, a unique dialogue of personalities.

    The simplest and narrowest definition of friendship also can be found in the dictionary. B. Fassinger explains how this concept is formed: “Friends are people who are in close communication with each other.”

    But any friendship is not a “sticky” circumstance. The personal relationship between friends and each other is not usually perceived as something inherent to each individual. The level of communication with others is usually determined by the degree of social support and cooperation with the society, the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

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    The exchange of points of view between friends and the society is manifested, as a joint activity of participants in communication.