How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern rapid pace of life, juvenile delinquency exists somewhere in the center of the family. The first thing that we know is the division of the personality into the physical and mental qualities, the inner qualities of the individual. The zest of friendship, the attraction to another person, seems to be an internal feature of the adolescent’s psyche. To the child, friendship is a unique opportunity to express the most valuable and vivid example of personal deep love, to share own spiritual and practical essence with the surrounding people.

Although, of course, this approach can’t be considered satisfactory to explain such a complex phenomenon as friendship. We can’t understand the ways in which the child realizes this goal. The phenomenon of friendship is quite different from the attitude of the individual to the partner. It is not easy to hold this deep thought and to translate it into the language of other people. But the book “A Friendship Day” is essentially a work of art, and the impulse of love is clearly visible. The interest of many teenagers is to find the ultimate point of contact, which may be considered as the dissolution of ego. In some ways, this is the same as the feelings that a person experiences in the reservoir of steam and seaweeds, the light of the sun in the pool.

So, “A Friendship Day” is a kind of counterculture statement, the theoretical justification of the idea that all interpersonal relationships between people are based on the foundation of mutual service and love, the highest form of cooperation in which the interpersonal relationships of young people are built. The key to understanding this idea is the concept of sacrifice, which is the realization of the mutually beneficial and mutually acceptable conditions of the relationship between partners in the course of which the individual receives the maximum satisfaction and gains the maximum pleasure and satisfaction from the interaction.

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The sacrificial personality, in many ways, is identical with the individual of the action, mechanically interpreted as a mechanically collected body. The activity of this machine is aimed not at the individual but at the collective goals and the activity of the group, the power of which determines the goals of the individual.

The collective relationship is the relation between the actions of individual representatives of the collective, the harmony of the individual and the collective interest. The subject of cooperation is the activity of the collective, the value of which is the same for all members of the group.

An example of the collective relationship is a social partnership in which the partner is a part of several units and the state is their commander-in-chief. The collective commander is a man, and the state is his absolute authority. Through the collective relationship, the state recognized the legitimate authority of the individual, and individuals were able to act as commanders-in-chief, even though this form of connection was not considered natural for the most part of the people.

How to write a patriotism essay?

The essay is a kind of written work of independent content, in which the author expresses his thoughts, impressions or reflections. It is quite a stable element of the artistic work, which, however, are subject to some requirements.

The main requirements of the essay genre are common to the genre, whether the work is aimed at the environment of modern life or not. The site must be bright, lively, and that’s why the image of the essay as of today is quite definite. We recommend you to be creative, to show your creative abilities in the best possible way.

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Generally, the essay is a kind of written work of a free genre, in which the author has the freedom of expressing his thoughts, impressions or reflections. As a rule, it has a short structure. However, the number of pages is usually quite high. In addition, the paper should have a semantic introduction part and a conclusion, just like a series of letters.

Here is a simple example of such an essay: “I am a head of educational projects with experience of more than 5 years, focused on results, can concentrate on tasks undertaken, determine priorities and manage a complex of projects effectively, despite the fact that I lack patience and want to ask someone “help me write my paper” constantly.

  • Introduction: in your own words, describe the topic (problematic) of the work.
  • Body: formulate a thesis (proposition), present your thoughts and ideas on the basis of the cited examples. The main part can be divided into several parts. Each of them begins with a thesis and ends with arguments.
  • Applications. It is an optional section where you can include any voluminous graphs, tables, drawings, calculations which are inconvenient to place in the main text. For example, if you are to write a critical analysis essay, all calculations should be presented in the end, because it is needed to make the conclusion impressive.