How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The subject of the paper is friendship in general, composed in such part as body. But the first sentence is always the most important one, because of all the sub-themes – friendship and friendship essay is not just about simply talking about the two or more personalities. The reality of friendship, unlike in other stories, is not only that it is tender, but also very deep, very thoughtful, very generous, very caring, and very creative. So, stop being surprised or looking for something to satisfy your curiosity. Let’s talk about the actualities of this phenomenon more in detail.

The word “friend” is formed in a human function as a social institution connecting people on the earth. Early communication skills, individual thinking, ability to bear responsibility, and resolution of issues of concern were formed and develop. The modern theory of personality and interpersonal interaction calls for the study of the biological basis of friendship. In this case, the academic assignment is focused on investigating the ways in which the ideal types of interpersonal relationships are formed.

Theoretical approaches for friendship essay

Although, according to Freud, friendship is a special form of interpersonal interactions which is characterized by individual-selective attitude, mutual activity and ability to communicate effectively, it is also worth noting that this concept is not identical with marriage. The understanding of friendship is much broader than marital relations. Marriage, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, is within the more general phenomenon of friendship. Marriage is the most general form of interpersonal contacts conducted between spouses having a common mode of communication and mutual responsibility.

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There are many interpretations of the notion of friendship in the life of society. The most common is the understanding of it as a universal form of interpersonal contacts, an understanding of the meaning of friendly relations and the inability to find them in places that are inconvenient for them, where they have no regular contact with other people. Around the world, in the supply of friendly communication, we can observe a constant process of change, and the nature of relations is often determined by the context of the movement from one social status to another, the differentiation of people, social processes, changing ideas about the world.

The technique of friendship is primarily a cognitive process. It is quite simple to understand friendship as a information process which condenses the knowledge of other people, their perspectives and the ways in which each of them performs its functions. If you consider yourself a philosopher who touches upon the problem of interpersonal relations, you can find a lot of useful insights.

However, the consistent expression of the idea of friendship, found in many sources, is not so important. We can note in the essay on meaning of friendship that, in the philosophical sense, this concept is most often understood as the union of individuals from different positions of social structure.

Psychologists believe that the main thing that makes friends is the actual occurrence of certain moral interactions: homosexual contacts, childbearing and parenting of a friend. However, the subject of friendship is always someone whom the individual may have relations in common.

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The psychological value of friends is that they are both “little” (in this case, we can speak about the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of friends. In addition, the concept of friend implies the engagement of the individual in creative and constructive activity which is found in every individual in the group of friends.

Information for the essays on friendship

Beginning to write friendship essays, you should note that the subject of the consideration of the term “friend” is generally understood as supportive and emotional persons, including spouses or sexual partners, children, grandchildren, other relatives. Although, the interpretation of “friend” in many ways is quite diverse, and in this article, we’ll consider these definitions in more detail.

Historical definition of friend

Before the advent of the Internet, such issues were solved with the help of teachers and classmates. Students had to carry out a laborious “social research”. Usually, such projects consisted of two or three papers. Even today, there is no consensus on the subject of friendship, although, surely, some people have done exactly the opposite thing.

The word “friend” is a synonym for “love”, which, however, are not considered as the primary basis of communication.

The other meaning of this concept is close to the previous one, insofar as it is not identical with friendship in many ways. The fact is that, in addition to personal feelings and links, there are many other reasons for contact – friendship, parental support, professional interests, household activities, moral issues, aesthetic interests, etc.

You may explain the significance of this topic in your communication in friendship essay by the fact that the biological basis of the desire of a person to have the attention of the environment from others is formed in the process of the formation of the first social institutions – the caste system.

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The sixth essential condition for having good friends is the ability to share the information received from friends.