How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-improvement and the high social status of the ideal student, the meaning of friendship in social psychology remains unchanged. Its associative features (the need for emotional contact, the ability to feel external attention, the ability to communicate with different people, etc.) are characteristic for all kinds of interpersonal relationships. Friendship is not a pure and righteous passion. It is a set of interpersonal relationships based on respect, responsiveness, faith, and sympathy. All these things are useful to each other. The main thing that makes friendship special, is that it is above all other relationships.

An important subject for the essay on friendship is the mechanism of its formation. All kinds of relationships – interpersonal and corporate – are built on the basis of certain cognitive processes, mechanisms of interaction with others. Let’s consider these mechanisms in more detail.

The first mechanism is the cognitive process of reward preparation for a friendliness. This is the most important part of the interaction with others. So, you should be ready to explain to the readers of your essay on friendship all the nuances of its development.

The second mechanism is the social-group family which includes a system of interpersonal relationships. This family is characterized by a highly individual character and the highest degree of social organization, uniting the most important and weak friendships. Together, these people create a unique opportunity for the manifestation of the most diverse interests, opportunities, and aspirations. Individual relationships are regulated by a set of norms – the moral and cultural norms, which are suitable for the maximum good.

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Social norms are designed to maintain the value of the interpersonal relationship. The second stage of the socialization of the individual is the formation of a normative order, which is the basis of the individual’s independent judgment, choice, status, prestige, etc. In the modern theory of friendship, it is established that the acquisition of the majority of the highest values of the person, the ability to care for a friend, to share the information with friends, to initiate and maintain the communication – these are the qualities of a person.

But it should be noted in friendship essay that, in addition to the normative order, the family possesses other, more subtle aspects. These are the skills of communication with other people, which your essay on friendship will teach.

The following ability is of paramount importance:

  • the ability to initiate another person, to lead him to the desired goal;
  • the ability to keep a secret, to announce own thoughts.
  • the ability to make friends, to form a communication with them.

  • the ability to go on a date, to hang out in a company of friends.
  • to express own feelings, especially those that are common to you.
  • to share information with others.
  • to analyze, systematize, comprehend, to summarize, to highlight the main things.
  • to draw conclusions, summarize, to promote the further development of the individual.
  • to express and defend the thoughts that correspond to the goals of the enterprise.
  • to formulate creatively new ideas.
  • to enhance existing synergies.
  • to introduce something into practice, for example, new strategies for solving the identified problems or for creating new ideas.
  • to correct decisions.
  • to promote positive social changes.
  • to create new opportunities for representatives of the community.
  • to make recommendations for improving the situation for politicians.
  • to lead other people in the direction you want to see.
  • to accelerate the process of change in the public consciousness and the formation of a coalition of organizations fighting for improvement of the situation.
  • to stimulate reforms in the political sphere, for example, introduction of programs for the registration of new representatives, their reform activities, or support for the existing programs.
  • to prohibit using of resources that are not related to the topic of the paper.
  • to promote income inequality.
  • to increase public awareness of the phenomenon of income inequality, the practice of the concentration of unequal income in the income of certain groups.
  • to increase concern about the problem of child labour, etc.
  • to promote income growth and the movement for the elimination of poverty, including income inequality essay.
  • to eliminate social inequality, for example, the elimination of the income gap between highly and low-income groups, the promotion of the use of the minimum wage and the creation of a debit system, the creation of a universal service for the salaries of social groups.
  • to reduce the influence of social inequality on political choices.
  • to increase the involvement of the population in the distribution of income, as well as the practice of the maximum sharing of incomes, the allocation of benefits and material resources.
  • to increase the involvement of social groups in the process of economic change, for example, the redistribution of benefits and material resources.