How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-sacrifice, the ancient Greeks were still able to touch upon the problem of friendship. And this is even more surprising.

The cause of friendship, probably, is the veryness of human relationships. We may not only assume the primacy of friendship, but even infinity. For real and deep friendship, the mind and feelings of the partner remain inside the word. No, because of the great symmetry elements, the truth and the unity of the soul.

Modern therapists refer to the mind as an “addictive centre” for the interaction of individuals. The acquired knowledge and skills allow to describe and describe the relationships of different people, the universe around and the interdependence of these people.

The scientific method of rehabilitation, which we described earlier, is based on the practice of recognizing the links between illness and friendship. When a person is able to think with his heart, then this is the first step to freedom from shyness, fear, and other similar manifestations. Not only this is the case, but also the average, natural result. To touch upon the meaning of friendship, it is sufficient to formulate the words “friend” and “love”.

Words means different things to different people. In the system of psychological terminology, they are all concepts of the same meaning, belonging to the indefinite cardinal category. But they are not identical. This is the inconceivable nature of interpersonal relations.

Let’s consider some examples. The word “love” can be interpreted as “the excellent and the beautiful thing” or “the lovely and the healthy thing”. It is not clear that “love” is a bright and pure feeling and it is incapable of sharing its anger, joy, and pain without express effort. But such acts are not only unnecessary, but they also can seriously damage, oppress people.

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There is a double concept of friendship. On the one hand, it is the enjoyment of the individual’s highest values, on the other – social roles, dignity, personality. In the system of sacrifice, friendship is a joint undertaking of giving the individual the opportunity to show himself from the best side and to show respect, courtesy, and interest to another person.

In the collective sphere, friendship can stand for high values not only in theory, but also in practice, when acting in concert. The greatest value in friendship is the opportunity to show the best of the human qualities in the effective application of the collective mentality.

Information for tips on how to write quality friendship essay

Being enrolled to the university and getting the first assignment on writing of creative-analytical work, some students confuse such texts with other types of academic papers. Even after reading the sample argumentative essay on friendship, not all young people understand what the teacher wants them to write. Let’s figure out what the essay is and what its purpose is.

The essay is a kind of written work of free-text composition in which the author expresses his thoughts, impressions or reflections on certain things. It is a short paper in which the personal impressions of the author are described in detail.

Often the question arises: how to write a friendship essay? The following sub-sections will help you to elaborate the content of the paper.

Community essay about friendship

Before you’ll start working on your own paper, it is necessary to study the history of friendship, its evaluation and classification. You can consider the terms “friend” and “love” in this context.

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The word “friend” is a synonym for the “friend” and “love” in various senses: literal, moral, intimate. Someone may have argued that love is the primary factor in the formation of a person, and therefore, it is inappropriate to consider friendship a thing created by choice. You may suggest the opposite point of view: happiness is created by choice, and personality is created by circumstance, nature, nurture.

The notion of friendship is created by analogy with the relationship “I – others” which is the case when the object of evaluation is another person. Although, in this case, the friend is not a subject of evaluation, and the subject of evaluation is another object.

If, in addition to the abstract notion of friendship, it is possible to talk about the positive forms of it in the essay about friendship. The phenomenon of interpersonal communication is traditionally regarded as the most important emotion, and the avenues of communication – the communication, the exchange of experiences, ideas, actions. Interpersonal communication arises under the condition of common values of partners, and friendship is one of the most important ways of accessing the meaning of life and achieving the goal of human life.

The basic concept of friendship is the avoidance of the need for recognition, acknowledgement, and reproaches from others, the desire for the actual recognition of own personality as a partner in the process of communication. The communication is carried out under the condition of common values and mutual responsibility.