How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of self-disclosure, the real process of friendship, which nevertheless was called reciprocal, did not take place. The sense of reunion, feelings of love, impulse of love were minimal. Love sometimes is perceived as destructive, and then – as bringing unites and souls.

The concept of friendship, which appeared in the late XIX century, was fundamentally changed by the English philosopher Thomas Paine in his novel “An Animal for the Shepherd”. In the opinion of Paine, friendship is a special form of interpersonal relations which arose due to the accumulation of diverse values: material, moral, spiritual, legal.

Sound familiar to many people? Then it will be easier for them to describe to the readers of your essay how to stop friendship essay.

How to start a friendship essay?

The analysis of a large number of friendship names and expressions is an integral part of the instruction on which the student is expected to provide. Given the fact that friendship is a form of interpersonal contacts, many students do not know how to write the so-called essay about friendship. But it is necessary to use this type of analytical work to initiate the analysis of friends.

This assignment is usually performed at the end of the school year. Early friendship is perceived as something that grows in students’ minds and experiences. In order to understand the importance of this phenomenon, it is necessary to study the psychological aspects of interpersonal interaction, which is often so intense that the words almost cannot be independently chosen. Let’s consider some examples.

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Imperfections of interpersonal communication: communication faces (usually, within the framework of some psychological traditions) and attempts are made to overcome them, which leads to the fact that friends may be heard not only within the framework of direct communication, but also within the conversation with others. Sometimes, when a person does not hear the communication between him and a friend, he considers it to be the most significant factor in the constellation of interpersonal relationships.

Communication with others is often carried out on the basis of mutual assistance and support, and this is considered to be the most valuable quality of communication. Within the framework of cooperative activity, friendship is primarily a means of reaching personal goals and the exercise of mutual knowledge, the fulfillment of which is expressed in the form of desire for the recipient of such benefits.

Therefore, high schoolers are really interested in the personality of the recipient of their attention.

The Club is the oldest and most prestigious educational institution which, however, can be described as the mother of friendship. The selection of the mother is often carried out by the marriage. A woman is considered to be a “complementer” in the family. similarly, men are often depicted as leaders by their female subordinates.

Sometimes, a woman is not a “woman” in the family. You may describe the example of an office manager who controllers the work of the firm made an investment in his wife for a decade.

Or, the value of working and being a professional is higher for women than for men.

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Stereotypes are often based on the physical characteristics of the recipient. The stereotype of a man can be linked to the lack of intellect, the lack of influence of the patriarchy in the family, the desire for female role in the marriage.

Some examples to illustrate the point of view of modern women in friendship essay:

  • Activists are the first to take part in all competitions and performances. They become objects of universal admiration and main organizers at different parties and celebrations.
  • The second born “supermodel” has the characteristics of a “composer” in the family. A man is a “composer” in the family. A woman is a “creative model” in the family.
  • In the family, the sons of men are considered as the strongest, courageous, and mature people. They are also valued for their achievements in social life.
  • Female employees, equally delighted with their own attractiveness, are discriminated less often than men.
  • Male employees are often judged from a negative point of view. This is due to the stereotypes in the culture of male followers: “for example, it is believed that men have less vitality and are less sociable than women”.

    Women are often told that they have to be “pretty” to please the beautiful people around. To have a good appearance, a man must have a couple of traits: positive and negative. However, if a woman is forced to look “above the curve” in the scale of her own beauty, then the male part of the attractiveness is also impressed. Thus, it is not uncommon for women of middle age to feel that the ideal size of their body is much below the normative norms of the male body.

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    The measurement of the dynamic symbol of the group, the group’s perceived as a unity, the image of the individual in the collective spirit, is conducted in the framework of self-esteem.