How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

The subject of the paper is friendly, which is understood as the closest surrounding of human relationships. Since the very word and even the concept of friendship is not completely clear in many languages, we will have to work hard to understand it better. Often the word is used in such a synonymic with the corresponding noun. For example, the “friend” can be translated as “the best” or “the best thing”. The relative value of friends is usually equal. All people are at the same level of understanding of this concept, and this assessment is based on a complex set of phenomena. So, having listed the many benefits of friendship in essays, it is worth stopping short-lived to look at the deep meaning of this phenomenon.

The acquaintance of a person with another person is carried out in two ways: as a spectator and a reader. By the way, you can consider this phenomenon in cause and effect essay.


In rhetoric, the term “friend” means the vision of the whole environment, the interaction of actors in this way. To achieve it, a person must have some ongoing communication with another person, including communication in the course of work, personal relationships, communication with friends and so on.


In any academic work, the author begins with the concept of “open” communication. It is expressed in the phrase “to be”, which means “to think”, “to believe in a human”, “to act in harmony”, “to promote the idea”, “to justify”.

Conceptual analysis of friendship is focused on the sphere of activity which does not tolerate participation of other people. For example, it is difficult to analyze, interpret, and summarize the complex reality “because of my friendship with friends”. One can only partially understand the interconnection of events, and the general perception of events using the framework of some mutual understanding.

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Such concepts as “friend” and “love” are often used to describe a more particular, profound understanding of the phenomenon under consideration. But such an approach is perfectly applicable only to the reflections of a particular kind of life. In other words, the concept “my friendship” is precisely directed at the problems of practical, philosophical, artistic, and aesthetic activity.

The history of friendship is practically over. The complex nature of interpersonal relations and the infinite variety of possible ways to contact this reality cause additional difficulties for the transition of the individual. In these conditions, the “golden rule” means the harmony of individual values and interests.

  • The transition of the individual in the process of transition from collective to separating meaning. In other words, the complement of the individual is formed. The principles of individual and group social identity recognition are simultaneously dominant and difficult, and the transitional period is predominant.
  • Voice of the ideal, the vocabulary of the highest degree of social abstraction: the idea of friendship, the state of being and the harmony of social relations.
  • Social purpose – the goal of the group for achieving the social status of representatives.
  • The following types of relationships are formed on the basis of shared values:

  • Personal friendship. It is the most common form of relationship in which the individual and the member of the group have common values and interests.
  • Social friendship. It is primarily social, and therefore, includes a domain of individual values, the institutional basis of cooperation, mutual service and so on.
  • The higher form of friendship, called friendship, is characterized by the absence of personal interests, significant differences in the structure of activities and different social roles of representatives. However, the content of this type of friendship is not always comparable to the ideal created by the intellect of the individual.
  • Essay friendship. The author directs the interaction of the individual with another individual, with the preservation of values and social norms, and thereby derives own identity, personal history, family relationships, public attitudes, values, etc.
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    Such types of relationship are useful for the development of the individual, his transition from the collective to the separating meaning, the transition from the collective to the separating meaning. In such studies, the dynamics of change in the system of interpersonal relations is clearly manifested, its gradual positive and negative migration from the collective point of view.

    Since such relations are primarily associated with the personal sphere of the individual, they can be considered as the most important form of the interaction process in the mechanism of personal relationship formation, its hierarchical nature, intra-group relations, their intra-group logic, their intra-group organization, their impact on the formation of the individual, his values and views.

    The nature of this type of relationship is immediately manifested in the emergence of a pre-conflict mood, fears, uncertainty, alienation, a sense of loneliness, depression of values.