How to write about friendship?

How to write about friendship?

Despite the modern cult of friendship, which some places even call it, exactly the opposite thing is happening. As the youngsters are becoming friends, they lose interest in themselves and begin to be aggressive. This is the opposite effect of the friendly relations: they are becoming less cheerful but, at the same time, not less hopeful.

Youthful friendship is not only inclined to confession but also extremely emotional. Emotionality is expressed not so much in words and phrases as in the characteristic intonations, accents, inconsistencies which the teenager, with all desire, could not translate into concrete concepts. At the same time, they convey the subtle nuances of his mood to the interlocutor, remaining meaningless and incomprehensible to the outsider. This is the nature of youthful friendship, which, however, were defined by Freud very broadly.

Psychologically, the term “friend” means a simple and intimate contact between willing partners, the absence of any significant social roles is manifested, which leads to a high incidence of interpersonal violence. Adolescents break friendships with friends without regard to their feelings. They do not respect others, and this fact is expressed in the form of a self-destructive interaction. The internal conflicts of this type of friendship are manifested, which are eventually solved due to aggression, selfishness and the desire for own power.

Given the fact that youth is the most vulnerable age of friendship, it is especially difficult for teenage friends to establish long-term relationships. Most parents believe that children who are rated by the highest evaluation board are usually the most dangerous. If it is the child’s opinion, then parents should behave. They should not send their children to waste time on the empty place. It is necessary to ensure that the communication with the younger friends, the ability to feel trust and love, a chance to show success in activities not related to studies, hobbies, sports, important dates, etc. is available to everyone.

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But it is also worth noticing that within the walls of healthy families, there are no stigmatization of friendship. Stereotypes of a “good” friendly and a “bad” one exist. But they are very different from each other. The qualities and the position of the person who conveyed those attributes to the surrounding people are different for each child.

The age dynamics of friendship, which is intensively depicted in art, is influenced by the following factors:

  • media literacy, which, in turn, serves as a means of understanding the psychology of communication with the surrounding people.
  • persuasive communication with others instead of being focused on own feelings.
  • the absence of language which, in general, is absent in interpersonal communication.
  • uncrowning of feelings.
  • Writing a glass from one eye rather than looking at it from different angles.
  • The transition from collective to separating meaning.
  • What to write in the negatives of friendship essay?

    We are already focused on the positive aspects of communication with friends and the ability to make friends. It is important to note, however, that oppositional positions of these elements are not identical in their perception and the consequences of communication with different groups of people.

    The age dynamics of friendship, which is represented in the graph of marital relationships between young people. But the graph of parental relationships shows that the younger the man, the more attention he pays to the mother. In turn, the child’s perception of his mother is determined by her own position.

    The results of the family hierarchy for girls and boys of 13-14 years old are different from the results of the family hierarchy for adults. The size of the sense of loneliness of a girl is determined by the interaction with other girls and with teachers, with whom the girl has to communicate in the group. Her attitude towards other people and social situations is influenced by her attitude to herself.

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    The results of the group domestic communication are used in the structure of the perception of friendship. The sense of loneliness of boys is determined by their need to communicate with other boys and to be able to compare their positions in the comparison line. Girls themselves should be understood as a part of a larger whole community of peers, as members of the social group which is called “surrounding people.”

    You may push forward the following proposal in characteristics of friendship essay: the validation of the notion of own uniqueness and possibility of successful interpersonal contact plays a significant role in the formation of a sense of loneliness of young people. This is the main feature of youthful friendship. The lack of communication with other people and the inability to live up to the high standards of relations allow to accumulate a set of problems. This allows to establish “levels” of friendship, which are such that the communication is not always open and completely sincere.