How to write about friendship in modern society?

How to write about friendship in modern society?

Since the very invention of personal communication with computers, we can observe a rapid development of friendship. Its methods, characteristics and functions vary from country to country and even institute to institute. The complexity of the processes of communication, the change in the quality of social contacts, their degrees and functions vary in different parts of the world.

Friendly communication is a kind of joint activity which should be described in essays on friendship. The complex social and psychological aspects and consequences of this phenomenon are reflected in the international research. In accordance with the conclusions of researchers, in friend’s friendship, there is a mutual exchange of information processes. The nature of this exchange is usually described by three main elements: online friendship and social ties.

The speed and nature of the psychological relationship between partners determine the degree of their sensitivity, their stability and psychological depth (personal significance, high uniqueness, shared value). The dynamics of communication with others is influenced by the total amount of information available on the basis of communication methods (communication costs and demands) and the efficiency of the process of exchanging information.

The characteristics of interpersonal communication are changing with the advent of “social awareness” and the rise of the “digital life” – the age of the person who knows how to communicate with other people, the language of his communication. Such knowledge, plus the ability to communicate with different people, are considered to be the most important condition for the formation of friendship.

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The age and individual characteristics of friends are changing with the social environment. The results of the study of younger friends are subtleties which have not only very close relations with the younger partners but also some common behavioral traits, tendencies to the disadvantaged attitude of young people to the younger partners, their habit of “sharing the show” (the desire for additional benefits, the desire for personal accomplishments), etc. In addition, the importance of communication in the relationship between friends is often underestimated.

Because of the fact that young people have an increasing interest in friendship, they often do not perceive it as a form of everyday communication. Even though, according to the researchers, online friendship loses all voluntariness, fact that there is an exchange of information processes which serves as a basis for new friendships.

Review of the social media for friendship essay

Though the form of communication with the friends is often short-lived, it is nevertheless surrounded by a virtual world. The way of presenting information in the virtual reality is far from limited, and the means of communication are mostly subordinate to the interests of the individual.

As a rule, in the period of age, the motivation for communication with other people is very high. However, the old-fashioned desire for friendship still exists. The reasons for this behavior of friends are a less pronounced decrease in the number of interpersonal contacts and, particularly, with strangers.

For girls of 13-14 years old, a year earlier than in Western Europe, the motivation for friendship is low. For boys of 15-16 years old, the year earlier than in Europe.

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The results of the female survey are directly opposite: in adolescence, the motivation for friendship is high. At a more mature age, friends are disliked most, and this is clearly manifested in the desire for friendship.

Interpersonal communication seems to be more frequent among children and teenagers with a more wide range of interests. Friendship seems to be a set of relationships between equal or almost equal partners located in a common space. Such communication leads to the fact that all people become equal before the start of friendship.

The image of a partner is far from the norm. The correlation between sexual orientation and mental abilities is much higher. In addition, the degree of selectivity of friends is higher.

The comparison of psychodynamic and social theories suggests that the unconscious need for communication with a friend is stronger than the perception of the world’s first friend, the need for self-disclosure. The unconscious need for communication with someone is perceived as the main feature of the individual. The moment of dependence is emphasized here.

If you already know how to write about friendship, it is enough to describe the various forms of interpersonal communication: internal, external, interpersonal. Let’s consider each of them below and explain what and how to write about friendship in essays.

Internal interpersonal communication can be described as a set of various relationships between the subjects, groups, individuals, small groups, for example, families, friendship groups, flirting, mania (intrusive love), strong friendship, sad, strong friendship, simple friendship, and others. The internal statistics show us, that the friends of people of the same sex and age groups seldom have any common problems. Even though, when the subjects of such communication are brought up in groups, their common problems is invariably manifested in their inability to maintain a certain conversation. The subject can be stuck in the middle of the interaction, thinking about how to bring the other person into the game.

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The most common method of communication with the friends is laughter.