How to write about friendship in modern society

How to write about friendship in modern society

Since the very invention of personal computers all people are free from meeting each other except for those cases when a certain social status is granted. And the feeling of recognition can often be mistaken for the desire for friendship. The idealization of friends is typical for the younger generation. To prove own social status, the individual must have a more vivid example than just some eighth-grade kids. Friendship, as a rule, is the idealized image of the individual, the ultimate goal of which is self-realization in the group for which the individual provides the best opportunities both in social and economic terms. Individuals with whom people have to communicate, those situations when they are happy and full of fun are more important than the problems and troubles of interpersonal relations. Through the glass of the soul, the individual can see the “I”, the image of own soul and the unfiltered beauty of the world around. Such images create an appeal to the unconscious need of friendship, which, however, are only a means of reaching personal goals.

The necessity of interpersonal communication arises, therefore, the necessity of interpersonal relationships. In real life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, when a husband loses his job and is forced to exist at the expense of wife for some time.

Because of the high complexity of interpersonal relationships, the communication of spouses turns into a painful and time-consuming process. The least important thing is that such communication is not always smooth, and its components often suffer from perception: anxiety, disappointment, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, greater danger of violence and exploitation (alcohol abuse, rudeness, and cruelty).

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Therefore, if spouses have to communicate on an equal footing, the communication usually takes place in a family. But if the slave has to lead an independent life, to live with a wife, he can meet her needs. At the same time, the idealization of friends is typical for the era. The image of the partner is built to fulfill the needs of the era. Accordingly, the idealization of friends is influenced by the perception of the subject of communication.

The age dynamics of friendship, which is manifested in maturity and maturity, leads to the fact that friends do not take each other for granted but are evaluated by parents, teachers, neighbors, friends, and so on. The analysis of the modern type of relationships is built on the basis of the survey conducted in the US and other countries of the world.

Building the argumentation for friendship essay, you may write that this principle still applies in practice, especially for children. After all, adults were still children. Perhaps, this is the reason why, in such games, children often do not play with others and play “The Veldt” instead of playing. The game is a kind of cooperation between the child and the adult player. It allows to carry out the following actions:

  • The management of a virtual space (online spaces, virtual bars, message boards, etc.).
  • The sharing of spaces, the decision of the user to take part in management of a virtual space and work in a virtual world.
  • The exhibition of the same-sex private life.
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    How to write on friendship essay topics?

    Although this essay type is rarely used in the modern curriculum, it still is an integral part of the curriculum. The lesson to which a pupil pays attention is how to be able to communicate with other people, to open heart and to understand others. We know that the ability to communicate productively, to show interest in another person, to create a barrier between the oneness of the interpersonal space and the separation of people, can be learned.

    The curriculum of the modern youth is very extensive. The forms of interpersonal communication are widely used. The virtual communication usually assumes the joint organization of different elements of the communication. The key is that the user must be able to see into the surrounding world and to communicate with other people, to share their own life experience and to bring something creative into the process of communication.

    Because of the abundance of various information, the youth of today is extremely active in all spheres of public life. It is no accident, therefore, that the term “entertainment” is increasingly used in a variety of meanings corresponding to the modern horizon.

    The “taste of friendship” is one of the primary assessments using the psychological criteria for the evaluation of the individual by the criteria of the psychological community. The present volume of scientific knowledge on friendship is very extensive. Even the most insignificant fact can be studied. The subject necessarily should be analyzed and considered with the greatest thoroughness.

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    Interesting fact for the cause and effect of friendship essay: the age of an ideal friend reveals hidden, not always realized psychological needs. Orientation to the peer speaks of the desire for more or less equal relations.