How to write about friendship in modern society?” essay. The study of modern youth finds its own meaning for friendship.

How to write about friendship in modern society?” essay. The study of modern youth finds its own meaning for friendship.

Already for 13-14-year-olds, the sense of loneliness comes. The introduction of friendship, as a special social and psychological phenomenon, actually takes place. The teenager opens up a whole world of new emotions, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But together with the awareness of own uniqueness, originality, dissimilarity in comparison with others, there comes a sense of loneliness, a feeling of inner emptiness that must be filled with something.

Hence the growing need for communication and, at the same time, increasing of its selectivity, the desire for self-disclosure. All this tends to the self-disclosure and openness between people, the desire for total independence, elimination of exploitation, the realization of the greater purpose of life, the aspiration for increased material well-being, the idea of equal distribution, the elimination of social inequality.

Why, in modern society, does not fade away and create new friendship? The interest in friendship is a basic social value. Social identity is the basis of self-respect, which, in turn, is the basis of the individual’s happiness. Individualistic communication helps to restore the original unity of the individual with the society, to provide a critical education and practical work with various problems. Thus, unique communication with friends and the ability to make friends, is a necessary condition for the possibility of individual growth.

However, when transmitting information with friends, we sometimes lose sight of the immediate context, the inner image of friend as a whole, because we do not yet have complete understanding of its content. We also have not yet fully understood the features of interpersonal communication, including its internal parts. As a result, we can make the following conclusions: in friendship, the individual and group identities do not take on the objective content of communication. They only take part in the internal processes and relations.

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Communication with friends is motivated by several characteristics:

  • One of the main tasks of friendship is to stimulate a desire and the ability to take care of another person. This is the most important attachment to the personality of the individual, and the most important aspect of communication.
  • The principle of friendship is based on a sphere of reciprocal service. Therefore, it is impossible to consider lack of friendship as the sole motive for contacting other people.
  • Of course, some philosophers and economists were able to calculate the importance of friendship in social life. But this approach is so far not the only one to explore. In order to layout the most significant of thematic theses, you may consider the question of what is friendship.

    From this perspective, the understanding of friendship is more complex than most of the social sciences consider it. The thing is that, in addition to individual, social roles, there are much more significant elements of communication in the system of socialization, which you should describe in your awareness of friendship essay.

    The first is the atmosphere of support and relationships which the individual experiences in a group of friends. The second is the voice of the person who conversations with the friend. The third is the standard of the idealogical dialogue. The fourth one is the object of the interaction. The fifth law of friendship is the system of social roles that the individual must abide by in order to be able to participate in communication, whether it is friendship, marriage, fatherhood, etc.

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    Having considered the general objective characteristics of interpersonal communication, it is possible to formulate a definition which can serve as a basis of essay writing on friendship. According to the law of modeling, the dynamics of reciprocity is determined by the degree of its selectivity, – the interaction with others and its certain coefficient value. The coefficient is called the interaction coefficient. The word means the size of the corresponding variable, which is directly related to the topic of the dissertation.

    However, the meaning of this term is not identical with the concept of friendship. The interfaith interaction is determined by the threshold of the relationship between the object and the speaker (coincidence, competition). So, the actual coincidence of the elements of interpersonal communication is determined. The following features of interpersonal communication are observed:

  • the high level of satisfaction with the given time, the ability to compare own personality with the attitudes of the other people, the possibility of imposing your own will on others.
  • high level of communication skills, the ability to open and maintain contact with an audience, to make the conversations interesting, the high quality of communication.