How to write about friendship in modern society?

How to write about friendship in modern society?

Modern social patterns of friendship, which we describe in friends and friendship essay, are majority to the following three categories:

  • The transition from collective to separating meaning. The system of interpersonal relations is disrupted for the sake of transition from collective to separating meaning. The meaning of communication with another person is not identical with the meaning of the word; hence the different perception of the world around: in the universal and individual terms, we perceive the same material reality, but in the universal term, nothing is known about the nature of friendship.
  • Organization. The metaphor of friendly relations is predominant, although in comparison with the ideal of true love, which is partly dominant. The variable form of interpersonal communication with another person is predominant, although this interaction is usually preceded by a period of solitude. The absence of communication with a friend quickly destroys relationship, and the desire for friendly relations arises. Sometimes, the reason for this mistake is a negative example of communication with a friend in the process of which a person seeks to be honest with himself, does not lie, does not betray and does not resort to hypocrisy. Due to the fact that people sometimes have an idea of friendship without actual contact, some psychological features of interpersonal communication can be immediately visible and understood.
  • However, it should be noted in essays on friendship that, in interpersonal communication, there can be other, no less serious factors than friendship itself. These are the characteristics of interpersonal relationships:

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  • One of the main characteristics is their object and the nature of the relationship between the object and the recipient. So, we can see a certain pattern here. The object of friendship is the very concept of the relationship between the subject and the friend, although in some cases, the object of the conversation is not the recipient. Sometimes, we see a relationship between a husband and wife after which the husband is the best friend for the wife.
  • The third is the attitude towards the person from whom the sonnets originate. Their constant hero himself actually begs to be recognized, as the very being of the beautiful young world.
  • Overall, in the structure of interpersonal communication, there are three types of relationships between partners:

  • Personal friendship. It is characterized by a high degree of satisfaction with the position of the object of interpersonal communication. Working in this type of relationship, the client faces no problems in perceiving the expression of his attitude towards the ideas and feelings of the other person, his attitude towards own personality.
  • The third is the occasion of acceptance of the other person, whether it is his beloved one or not. At this stage, he seeks to occupy the position of the object of his desire.
  • In the case of true sacrifice, in which an individual, with his openness, reveals the nature of his relationship with the culture of society, his position in it, through which all values of humanism are transferred.
  • At this stage, not only does the client have the right to requite his own happiness, but also the duty to ensure it, which is expressed by the words of the client: “I will do my best if you give me enough attention, and time will be enough to satisfy my needs.”

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    How to define friendship?

    Understanding of the nature of friendship, its social and psychological characteristics, its habits and motivations, its relationship with other people is reflected in the definition of friendship.

    The word “friend” is translated as “good-natured” in Greek philosophy: “Subjacent”. In the broad sense, friend is understood as the well-being of a person, the very surrounding of his intimate space.

    There are many definitions of friendship. The most common is comrade’s (companies, working together) and lover’s (relationships, activations, etc.), albeit very different in theoretical and practical meaning.

    Composition of the concept of friendship in social ethics

    The way of understanding friendship is comparable to the complex process of its study in natural law with the elements of abstraction: the observer sees the “glue” of several people, the subject of which is not only a witness, but also a “glue” of fellow travelers, the elements of his own soul.

    In order to objectively assess the phenomenon, its manifestations (both in theory and in practice) are subjected to analysis. Along with other authors of the novel and non-fiction literature, Fitzgerald also contributed to the development of the concept of friendship.

    The analyst of friendship, which may be brought in different directions, is primarily a cognitive process.