How to write about friendship in social media?

How to write about friendship in social media?

In the era of the invention of the Internet, the method of communication with friends and acquaintances has been extensively used. Your friend is not just a number of students in a class but a community in which they are shown in interaction. Even the most insignificant social movements are built on the basis of communication tools. And the social practices that arose in the process of developing states and emerging peoples correspond to the constantly changing pattern of human relationships.

But it’s worth noting in a friendship in social media essay that, in the rapidly evolving age, the Internet and other means of global online openness have become a way of substituting the traditional ways of communication in the awareness of which replaces the traditional way of communication in the web.

As a rule, in the not yet widely known portion of the world, the traditional way of communicating with friends and acquaintances is called the traditional way of presenting the information in the social network. With the development of the digitized means of communication, the traditional way of presenting the information appears to be no longer relevant. In the past decade, in the fields of social and psychological studies, the topic of the relationship between friends and friends has been intensively debated. The methods of contacting and communicating with the external world are constantly being improved. More and more people actively use mobile apps and online chat platforms to communicate with friends and to find new friends. However, in such apps, the picture of the relationships between friends and others is rather different from the traditional image of friendship that is presented in the media.

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For example, the interest of researchers in the psychological aspects of friendship is a consequence of the fact that the topic is rapidly evolving. The speed of historical and sociocultural dynamics in the most developed part of the world has increased. The conflict between the virtual and the real factors of this process has become a matter of urgency. Moreover, the number of teenagers involved in social media is growing. What do these studies say?

Psychologists believe that those characteristics of people are most sensitive to the outside world. In this regard, the importance of personal social data capture is obvious. The worry is that people which are valued at one time appear to be unavailable on the Internet. However, according to the researchers, there are methods of reasoning which help to overcome this problem. One of them is based on the analogy of the relationship between tourists and the natives of the country of the same state.

Such an analogy is significant because the meanings of the word “friend” are increasingly divided into the analogs of “love”, the true and the false. In the context of communication with other people, the meaning of “friend” is relatively high. But due to the diversity of interpretations of the concept, it is difficult for the individual to understand them fully, to reveal own thoughts.

The most famous authors of the literary world, from which the tales of a fictional hero were created, are Foucault and Victor Hugo. Despite the apparent contradiction of these two concepts, which lies in the ideology of the Romantic period, they have certain similarities.

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Foucault was the first theorist of friendship. He introduced a theory of operation of psychological attraction, which, however, were not validated by psychologists until the first half of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, friends are often very close. As a rule, they are relatives. However, this does not mean that people from different social networks have a common attitude towards one another.

The theory of attraction is based on the practice of warning. On own initiative, any person can inform the social service called upon to protect children or the police about an incident or suspected violence against a child, including suicides, child abduction, child neglect, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and domestic violence against children. Such messages should be considered not a noble intention but an elementary necessity. As for doctors, teachers, coaches, educators, it is a direct duty for them.

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