How to write about friendship in social media?

How to write about friendship in social media?

Since the very invention and distribution of personal computers all over the globe in mid-nineties everyone sensed the big change in the way we think and act that this digitation of performance brings with itself. No matter the occupation of the person or the social status, each one will find how computers and the internet would be useful in their lives. That’s why, it is still relevant to write about some aspects of the technology necessary for the everyday needs of a modern person. For example, the internet is generally available to everyone. However, only the rich would be able to use it for the everyday needs. The wide access to the internet becomes more and more important. In some parts of the brain, the logical connection between the conscious need to use the internet and the real life experience is still thought to be the most important factor that changes the way they see the world. In this regard, the essay on uses of the internet would suggest the reader to think further, to speculate where it might lead to positive changes in the real life.

While using the internet, we can access the world’s library of knowledge that is technically inaccessible to most people. The internet is humanity’s home-st place. It is easy to confuse the digital with the natural reality and to get lost in the infinite possibilities of information. As a consequence, negative social emotions and reactions are fixed: self-doubt, dissatisfaction, loss of self-esteem, avoidance of communication with people, etc. As the scholar Leo Tolstoy wrote, the internet is most dangerous for the young people. It provides for instant communication with others, gives them a chance to tell about the problems they are having, without having to carry out any serious academic work or research paper.

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So, what are the ways to bring the negative thoughts about the internet to bear positive role in the minds of the younger generation? It is obvious that not everyone has the rational ability to study at a university without internet access. As a rule, the majority of students don’t want to spend their free time on essays, reports and term papers. The reason for this is obvious: nobody wants to spend their free time on essays, reports and exams. Young people have to sacrifice more enjoyable and interesting activities, such as favorite hobbies and sports, forget about communicating with friends and family. The internet is the only way to make this life easier. And, without even realizing it, we fall into the trap of using the same internet for different everyday purposes.

It is also worth to mention that not all kinds of use of the internet have the same effect on the ultimate goal. As the famous internet entrepreneur Marc Andreessen wrote in his speech on the internet, not every web user has the opportunity to express his thoughts properly, to publish his own book and to bring their ideas to the resulting market. The internet is easy to read, so the text is easily readable. The question of the line between ordinary use of the internet and legitimate, meaningful communication becomes less important.

So, the influence of internet on the educational process is usually considered a fairly well-known and already proved fact. The internet is used by teachers, engineers, researchers, etc. However, no one complains about this, because the internet is used by the vast majority of users currently.

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So, what is the real influence of internet on the student’s life? We can conclude that, in any area of life, the interaction with the internet is usually accompanied by some risk, and the effect of such may be described in the negative effects of internet essay.

Generally, every user has a few friends. Those are people who are warmer than the surrounding people. Even in the case of such personality, they often find it difficult to express their thoughts. In such a situation, many people suffer from the following consequences:

  • better perception of own personality by others, resulting in the fact that they have to actively seek to establish contact with the internet reality
  • development of loneliness, development of a strong affinity for the internet
  • stable fixation of behavior, increased flexibility
  • adaptation to the reality of relationships.
  • growing deviations in behavior, increased risk of being innovative
  • more complex relationships
  • disadvantages in relations with other people, increased risk of being innovative
  • more difficult social interactions
  • more frequent headaches (social, personal, philosophical, etc.)
  • more opportunities for communication with different people, which lead to the fact that we begin to think and respond to informational impulses of the world differently
  • developing a thinking attitude, increasing the ability to compare different facts, to explain them and the world as a whole
  • changes in the value system of interpersonal interactions.
  • Adolescence is a period of the most intense group life and emotional communication with the closest surrounding.