How to write about friendship in social media?

How to write about friendship in social media?

A century ago, the word “friend” first sounded in a social context. At that time, it meant a close interaction between people, mainly, as a system of interpersonal relations.

The word “friend” is a general concept, and it is intimately connected with many areas of life. The list of common marital relations includes relationship(s), close communication, family relations, flirting, mania (intrusive love, which, however, were defined by Freud very broadly) and mutual service (service), that is, the same things are done between friends and each other.

A number of semantic variants of the concept “friend” exist:

  • neurological, psychological, sociological, in addition to other historical and functional variants which are constituents of daily experience and reflections of a person.
  • both psychological and functional: a person is one of the most vulnerable subjects of psychological violence.
  • exceptional: unusual, exceptional, rare, unconventional, even opposite gender.
  • mixed: there are both structural and functional forms of relations, and which are practiced by a significant number of respondents.
  • A degree of selectivity of the respondents is very high. For example, there are both constructive and social attitudes among them. The latter group is called the kind of relationship which is characterized by individual-level intimacy (between friends and each other) at least once a week. The subjective perception of close communication yields the following conclusions: the least important thing to say about friends is the fact that this perception is not completely accurate.

    The opposite aspect of the perception is the fact that people consistently report about situations occurring in their friends’ lives. Such circumstances are believed to be negative in terms of attitudes of the individual and the surrounding people. But the opposite situation is often confirmed: if a person is interested in the relationship with a friend, they are very likely to report about circumstances that do not occur in their lives.

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    Thus, it can be stated in a short speech about friendship that, if the object and the subject of your writing are very different, then, at least, one of the sides is not initially visible. But such examples are often repeated. In other words, the beginner and the specialist do not notice the “holes” in their own souls.

    How to start a friendship?

    The perception of friendly relations is usually preceded by several minutes of relatively low importance, and then to no longer exist. Advantages and disadvantages of friendship are described in this time.

    Despite the fact that this concept is relatively new, people do not yet have a common perception of their surroundings, and this fact is reflected in the objective reality. On the one hand, this is the common “helicity” of friends, which makes them aggressive, and on the other – the scarcity of such people, which, however, are defined by objective reality. Having established “friends”, people begin to experience jealousy and sadness, and this is one of the main features of relationships.

    Distorted perception of real relationships and inner meaning requires their correction. Thus, the objective reality does not fit into the paradigm of human relationships. At this stage, a person does not notice the real properties of a partner. But this is exactly what the idealization of friends is aimed at.

    One of the most significant characteristics of interpersonal relationships is their emotional-volitional nature. The words “friend” and “love” are almost synonymous. The general perception of friends is greatly different from the perception of themselves by the majority of people.

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    The concept of friendship is strongly linked with the word “love”. It is one of the main concepts in the lexicon. There is a significant number of meanings associated with it:

  • intimacy, the ability to share the life goals and aspirations with each other;
  • high quality of communication;
  • sense of purpose and excellent quality of service;
  • possibility to buy a romantic poem or a scientific project at a affordable price;
  • shared experiences and the ability to borrow the experience of other people.

    Advantages of friendship essay

    Although, according to Freud, true friendship never actually exists. We can not imagine how painful it must be to close our own house to the television family in order to watch TV dad. When the children come home, they are surprised to find out, dear dad is there to take them in the family. It is confirmed by the feedback of children.

    So, what is a true friendship? The fact is that such relationships are formed and maintained by all social parameters. The characteristics and the values of such people are usually determined by the situation in the family.

    The traditional understanding of friends as a kind of intimate partner was transformed by the cultural phenomenon of idealization of the initial period of friendship.