How to write about friendship in social media?

How to write about friendship in social media?

Since the very invention and distribution of personal computers all over the globe in mid-nineties everyone sensed the big change in the way we think and act that this digitation of performance brings with itself. No matter the occupation of the person or the social status, each one will find how computers and the internet would be useful in their lives. That’s why, it is still relevant to write a friendship in social media essay. It should be understood as the ongoing online communication between people regardless of their social status or religious beliefs. Despite the numerous personal digital advantages and shortcomings, in the minds of many people, there is always another side of a coin. And, which is the more positive and the negative one? To put it in simple terms, the negative side of internet is thought to be the hidden meaning of the positive and negative emotions, the attraction and fixation on certain people by others, their interpersonal relationships are often seen in us. On the other hand, in the competitive eyes of the group, the unfamiliar and somewhat bizarre idea comes forward (which has also been known since the Greeks) – the idea of friendship, which is sometimes represented as love, hot passion, a rare gift, etc.

As we can see, the negative and positive sides of the internet are closely related, although they affect each other in a very close and specific way. People often misguide others, and this sometimes leads to consequences, especially for negative aspects of the digital world. As a result, the matters of communication with friends and family are often exaggerated, making it quite difficult for a person to be honest with himself, or how he can improve the situation. When writing a friendship essay, it is especially important to keep this point of view. Of course, we are talking about children and teenagers here. While writing the essay, you might insert the data of the empirical research as well as the quotes from scientific and journalistic literature in order to support your arguments. Just remember to make sure that the sources that you have found are actually reliable and relevant.

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Finding credible sources for your friendship essay assignment and revising the ideas and arguments that you have found can be a really fun thing to do if you have already done the formation of the essay structure and are working on the transition from the very beginning till the very end. Getting back to the writing, the ideal paper should necessarily have the following structure:

  • Introduction, which should present the topic and the issue that you are going to discuss.
  • The main part, where the author presents theses and arguments supporting them.
  • Conclusion, which is a summary of the work done, findings confirmed or refuted on the topic.
  • If you want to write an essay on friendship, you should keep the following structure in mind:

  • Introduction: in your own words, describe the essence of the issue, invite the reader to a fascinating world of your reasoning.
  • The main part: formulate the theses and arguments supporting them. Also, include the description of some events, phenomena, states of the matter and the examples.
  • Conclusion: summarize, once again expressing your opinion on the topic but using a slightly different formulation (show knowledge of synonyms).

    Even if the paper is written perfectly, but there are some trivial mistakes (slips of the tongue, lack of knowledge of the subject), it is too early to change the thesis statement and the conclusion about friendship. Just add some more time, for example, if you are writing an essay on friendship day by day, make sure that you write at least something like the essay on friendship day by day.

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    Writing about mortality

    This is one of the eternal problems of mankind which exists practically as long as there is a human on Earth. According to scientists, this is a function of biological, psychological and social factors. The attempts of communicating with this problem are ridiculous, since this is a scientifically ordained, timeless phenomenon. Even a rudimentary chemical humanism, capable of being realized only in the myriad of thousands of years, is doomed by the action of a human on the planet Earth.

    Knowing the ultimate fate of human, the French philosopher (whose work should be called so: why at God’s command, especially since the problem of death is centered around him. For some time, the image of humanity as a nature has only been gradually emerging. The French philosopher, Kant, counts on the legacy of the first human on the planet Earth.

    Kant, a specialist in ancient philosophy, raised the problem of the inevitability of a human death in a critical situation. For the sake of further progress, he proposed the following proposal: to determine the starting point in the development of a human, and then it would be appropriate to move to the level of production of the necessary materials.

    First man’s death

    Communication with the otherworldly powers is carried out in practice only in the framework of certain rules.