How to write about friendship in social networks

How to write about friendship in social networks

Despite the modern cult of friendship, many kids still think that friendship is a normal thing and it is important to find friends. But as the years go by, and the ways to find those friends become more and more difficult. The reason for that is the fact that our society has changed and the technology of communication has become more complicated. And the ability to communicate independently is born in our DNA. That is why, even in the days of the technology age, the ability to communicate and find a way to communicate with different people, especially within the family, is something that is very difficult to learn. Many people have been experiencing the difficulties of realising the importance of communicating with others. As a result, the communication has ceased to be even perceived as something close to family. Of course, in the modern society, there is an accelerated process of general communication which consists of many internal operations. The internal conflicts with this type of behavior are solved owing to participation in the psychological support groups.

The advantages of such groups are also stipulated by the flexibility of the method – the use of various psychological approaches and psychotechnics. In particular, the psychological approach to friendship is based on the practical experience of psychotherapy. This is due to the understanding of the integrity of the individual and the need for self-disclosure in the process of communication.

According to psychoanalytic concepts, the friend is most often a trusted person. This concept induces a desire to fill in the gaps in knowledge where there are no gaps in knowledge. The friend is considered to have the same intentions as the other person. However, with the improvement of the quality of communication with friends, the window of opportunity for self-expression grows more modest and does not yet close.

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The exchange of rewards in the light of friendship is the basis of the interpersonal relationships “external”, including interpersonal relationships. In interpersonal communication, they are based on mutual benefit, the ability to express the feelings that individuals experience in relation to each other.

Therefore, the semantic integrity of the concept of friendship, which, however, do not apply in practice. The internal value of the friendship is determined by the totality of intra-group processes: social, psychological, developmental, and family. Even inter-group communication requires unity of the individual with the group of friends.

With age, the exchange of rewards is replaced by the desire for close communication. The desires for friendship, the ability to share the information, are sufficient for this. But the elderly person does not need to supplement the team with a spouse. The desire for friendship with a senior person is quite strong. But the specific requirements for its selection (in this case, it is determined by the need for selection) are usually equal.

If marriage is permitted by law, then, among those times when people had contact with each other, there was an exchange of rewards (positive examples, advantages, and so on) among friends. Adulthood usually increases this tendency, and this is one of the most significant characteristics of a person.

But no matter how the surrounding people describe their relationships in the expression of love, this is not enough. The overall idea of the life of friendship is more surprising: looking at it from different angles, the image of the person appears more distorted and the relationship between him and others, especially not always can be considered as the most positive in the perspective of society.

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The need for social roles is often indicated by the intensity of the sense of the collaborative activity (especially in social media). The internal conflicts with this type of relationship are manifested, especially in the interaction with others, with the objective reality behind their backs.

For example, the elderly person has a self-deception which is reflected in the desire for communication with others, the lack of communication with friends, a sense of loneliness and a sense of apprehension of personal responsibility, with a perception of own behavior as a way of getting lost in the present situation. The person retains the image of own personality which is largely revealed by the self-deception.

The degree of self-disclosure is determined by the level of the sensitivity of the individual to the surrounding reality, the ability to perceive own emotions. The more intensely the feelings of love, joy, and sadness are experienced by a person, the more intensely his perception of them is reflected.

The sense of loneliness comes not due to the external isolation, not due to a bad environment, but because the person is not used to being alone. The modern social structure does not allow to experience solitude without headphones, TV, phone, even in the bathroom. The person needs to use a bathroom stall, a table, a chair, a safe door, and a few objects.

Thus, the characteristic feature of friendship is the first communication in the life of a person which is often troubled by own problems. As a rule, a person does not know where to turn for help and has no idea how to solve the existing objective problems.