How to write about friendship

How to write about friendship

The importance of friendship in social life is undeniable. But how to understand and implement the ways to reinforce this trend? The question is among the most important academic tasks. Among other tasks, you can formulate such questions as the purpose of friendship in social life, the main impact of friendship on society, and the ways in which it helps to overcome loneliness.

To understand the nature of friendship, it is important to distinguish two types: a social purpose and a competitive advantage. The latter is called friendship rings. The day is the most favorable period of the life of friendship. The object and the subject of contact is exchanging information and ideas. Despite the fact that this concept is usually associated with pleasant memories, a person can’t forget about the sensation of recognition which, nevertheless, is not fully comprehended by the subject of friendship. So, it may be stated in the negative effects of friendship essay that, for a person to be able to understand the higher forms of interpersonal relations, they must have a method of interpersonal communication with others.

The practical significance of friendship is a special form of interpersonal interactions which we describe in activity in a friendship essay. Its empirical research is based on a longitudinal study of forms of behavior which correspond to the values and motivations of the subject. The tasks of the researcher who conducts research are to clarify the empirical research, to report the new findings on the topic.

How to start a friendship essay?

The introduction for friendship essay is the following: “Forms of interpersonal contact are characteristic of everyone who has a relatively stable relationship in close relations. They are established by complementary desires and needs which the subject assigned to. When people interact with each other, their personal qualities manifest themselves. The interpersonal relationships are usually considered to be the most important things among friends. So, interpersonal communication is important.

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But we can’t fail to note the importance of the importance of communication with a friend and the ways in which it helps to deal with this problem. All these factors should be taken into account when writing essays on friendship.

The psychology of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, as well as other human sciences, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered questions of a general nature: what is the source of friendship, how do its rational and emotional components correlate, and what maintains the relationship that was once developed?

Researchers of this period collected great empirical material illustrating how different people (mostly children and adolescents) understand friendship and choose friends. But the interpretation of the data mostly did not go beyond the framework of the ideas of ordinary consciousness and did not link with any special psychological theories.

It’s important to describe the analytical period in friendship definition essay. It began in the late 50’s and was associated with socio-psychological research of interpersonal attraction. In social psychology, this concept is defined as the cognitive element of the positive attitude towards another person, the sense of the need to reassure the person, to explain about the significance of his concerns.

But, in the 1970s, the notion of friendship was very seriously challenged by researchers. The scope of the disorganized self-expression of the individual was widely criticized. Ethics and morality were criticized. Moral concerns were so high that some men even compared themselves to the audience, viewing it as an “invitable” element. The greatest problem of all times in the life of society was created by the unprecedented access to information and electronic devices, which impregnated a new sense of loneliness of young people.

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Interesting fact for friendship essay: the term “friend” was first used in the XVII century by the English philosopher Francis Bacon to describe close people living in one house. Literally the term “friend” is translated as “goodly” or “pleasant” (from the Greek natio, meaning “pleasant” in translation of Greek philosophy).

Certainly, numerous vocabulary interpretations give some idea of what the notion of friendship is, but they do not give an idea of the general meaning of this concept. The ambiguity of the concept of friendship, the variety of possible meanings make the subject of reflection of the author.

For instance, the complimentary interpretation of the term “love” is different from the notion of “love” itself. Here the author finds a common detail between the attributes of the two items. The fact is that “love” is a kind of unity in which all the elements of the relationship are present: the subject and the object of love. However, this understanding does not give an idea of the nature of this relationship.

The conciliation of love and freedom in the work of the poet, painter, and novel writer of the XVII century is the solution of the problem of love in the mind of the author. The complete compatibility of the thinking of the author and the spontaneous composition of the story are presented in the effect of love on the imagination and feelings of the reader, which are expressed in the expression of the theme of the work.