How to write about gay rights

How to write about gay rights

Sexual orientation is a human feature that may be considered as a human norm, or pathology. At the same time, as many researchers are inclined to believe, all people are bisexual. Bisexuality is considered to be the norm. As for homosexuality, it is a human feature that does not belong to nature and cannot be considered natural. The perception of LGBT people is influenced by the cumulative effect of many factors: biological, psychological, and social.

Biological factors are the ones, which prompt researchers to classify homosexual behavior as a biological feature, rather than trying to understand why and how it came about. The following factors are of great importance:

  • Genetic engineering of people. The genetic factor is considered to be the most important. Studying homosexuality, scientists came up with a paradigm of molecular biology, in which a protein gene is isolated from the cell.
  • Organization of the brain. The nucleus of the nucleus of the human brain is rearranged in order to change its orientation.
  • Endocrine system. The hormones responsible for the sexual behavior, namely, insulin and somatotropin, are formed. These hormones act only under the conditions of good insulin production. The activity of insulin is disrupted in the context of somatotropin production. As a result, the ov’s ability to fertilize dies.
  • Systemic features of the thyroid. The albumen of the thyroid is loaded with DNA, and the red blood cells participating in this process are expelled. As a result, the thyroid is completely unavailable. Even the most promising gene, which is also called somatotropin, is not expressed. In combination, these changes cause a shift in the function of the thyroid.
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    Review for “Gay rights violation” essay

    Often LGBT people face double criticism from scientists. For example, the “journalist” Nick Schreck wanted to prove that homosexuality was a normal anatomical phenomenon without any psychological associations. But, despite the many successes, it’s worth noting in gay rights argumentative essay that, even in his studies, Schreck made some mistakes.

    Among them, the most common are the intraspecific confrontation and confrontation of male/female individuals, tendency towards each other and the inability to live side by side. Those are the traits of the “average” human personality. So, the “average” does not fit the “struch” in which it is predominant.

    The number of people with whom the average person has to communicate is increasing. The results of the study of sexuality are applied in a context of marital relations. The results of the research there are applied in the form of indicators: the behavior of men is compared with the behavior of women; female behavior is suppressed by the interests of the partner.

    An important characteristic is the choice of the partner. There is a gender imbalance in the world: men are inclined to take on the role of the environment from which the child originates. The behavior of a man is determined by the needs of the woman. Hence, the behaviour of a man is determined by the interests of the average woman.

    Gender stereotypes are particularly strong among women. They are inclined to impose on the world the role of the social “savior” of the man by regulating the behavior, surrounding him, supplying the food and clothing.

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    Among almost all other characteristics, the choice of the partner is quite obvious: it is customary for a woman to assume the role of a “sister” in relation to her abuser.

    Relations between men and women in the working environment are not the soil for “adventures” for two women. They are secondary. Nevertheless, social stereotypes still exist. The main thing that gender stereotypes extract is the impression of the coupling in the collective psyche of the male and female roles.

    So, it can be stated in a short speech about family that the ideals of the idealization of human relationships based on the analysis of the forms of behavior of the partners are dependent on the cultural context in which the interaction takes place. The object and the means of this interaction determine the choice of the partners on the basis of the degree of their similarity or differences in interests and behavior.

    Of course, this analysis can be performed only in the case of cases involving the overlap of the biological and psychological features of different persons. In other words, the contradiction is the conclusion in which the cause of the act is the phenomenon of the unequal relationship between the subjects.

    Analysis of the social role of the mediator in the system of gender roles is carried out in the course of studies of feminine and masculine roles in modern society. The discrepancies between the hierarchical value systems of the two sexes are analyzed. In turn, the dynamic of the relationship between the subjects is analyzed.