How to write about gender equality

How to write about gender equality

It’s worth starting a gender inequality essay with the phrase that all people are equal before the law, regardless of their gender, race, religion, or ethnicity. It is a great quote that many quotes have already seen in the past. Nevertheless, it is difficult for modern people to understand and acknowledge the importance of equality.

So, how to start a research paper about gender inequality? First of all, it is important to understand that there are no solely negative side of gender inequality. There is a history of it as well as the current state of things that affect our society today. So, let’s start discussing what is equality and what are the ways to achieve it.

The word equality is a historical phenomenon, which means a level of equality of opportunities in society. Historically, it was a kind of social and economic equality. The equality of opportunities was based on an equality of the outcome, an increase in the breadth and quality of economic activities, improvements in the material and social sphere of many. In historical, this concept was very close to perfection, and its definition was close to mathematical law. The closest thing that equality brings to the ideal of democracy is equality of opportunities in all spheres, including the economy, but not the equality of the results.

There are many theories to explain how to start a research paper about gender inequality. And the most interesting of them is based on the history of social experiments. He in particular, introduced a concept of equal opportunities, which he called “the people’s desire for equal distribution of any income no matter what”. In his opinion, a person is entitled to the position of the agent of the social production, and the result of the struggle for equal distribution of income is the abolition of the minimum wage, the provision of the right to paid vacation, and the right to a special holiday. Basically, in a research paper on gender inequality you can trace the historical path of the development of this concept, its connection with other social phenomena, including women’s liberation movement. The topic of equality is associated with the activities of English and French philosophers: Hobbes, Locke, Montesquieu, Rousseau, Diderot and others. They put forward a number of important thoughts that changed the idea of what the world should be like.

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For example, the concept of equality of opportunities is closely related to the history of the struggle for the abolition of feudal privileges and the acquisition of universal, institutionalized rights for the entire population. So, in your gender inequality essay you may point out that the idea of equality of opportunities was very different in different eras and countries of social life. In the 19th century, it was the most widely used model for the social work with the redistribution of opportunities. The 1/12 of people were engaged in agriculture, industry, finance, natural science, culture, etc.

However, the history of this concept is very complex. The study of the subject must be carried out according to specific tasks. The evolution of the concept of equality of opportunities is clearly manifested already in the work of the form of the Equal Opportunity Commission, which makes recommendations for the social transformation of the United States.

The first established federal program “The Access to Opportunity and Equality” (IAO, 2004. 55-60 pages, 2 pages in special prose) focuses on the problem of equality of opportunities in the United States. The published program was aimed at helping low-income families, low-wage workers, single-parent families, those. The IOA development program was oriented at the problem of ensuring access to the opportunity to make their own history, via organizing educational, social activities, production, employment, as well as all the other activities of citizens.

However, the work on this program was not very effective, and its results are quite unfavorable.

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In the 25-30s, the US received about 30 thousand units of social assistance. The application of this kind of assistance was often hampered by the fact that a large number of people was removed from the national economic system (the poor) and unemployed workers (union workers) were left to chance.

Free food for the poor. Many politicians and civil society criticized the free food for starving to death over the last 10 years. One of the main opponents of this policy is the food industry which primarily depends on the living conditions. You can mention in your free food for poor essay that, in 2010, $ 4.5 billion in the form of free food was supplied in the United States. Although the actual food is not free, most Americans eat it with their free permission.

Unfortunately, the present system of food is not able to long-term survival. Many experts believe that the family is often destroyed by the poverty. There is one common factor in the uneven development of the poor: the size of the family is often reduced due to the high mortality level.