How to write about gender equality in child marriage essay?

How to write about gender equality in child marriage essay?

Child marriage is a phenomenon that is common in families across the world. Adolescents enter the family as early as possible and have to spend a lot of time on difficult decisions. Many of them have already lost their sense of mind, and the thought “I need help with my gender equality essay” lingers inevitably in their heads.

Usually, when parents find out that their child has suffered from parents’ neglect, they push them to the hospital and treat the situation responsibly. But when a child sees his parents for a first time, they are confused and can’t understand the words of advice. The child even begins to consider them inferior. It is difficult for a girl to behave in the role of an adult, especially when it comes to issues of gender equality.

Of course, in such families, there are no policies against gender inequality, and the question of how to prevent it in the family has not been answered. But every man should be aware of the consequences of expressing own sexuality in the family. In order to prevent such problems, it is necessary to understand the basic factors involved in the formation of the teenager’s personality and the process of transition from childhood to adulthood, and include these in your persuasive essay on child marriage.

He is very important to understand the characteristics of the teenage psyche, since it is both individual and social. The formation of the teenager’s personality in the family is influenced by the attitude towards the image of self-respect, individualistic and traditionalistic, the way they perceive own personality. These characteristics can be found in any adolescent age, and they definitely deserve attention.

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In the framework of individual values, there is no place for the psychological content of the individual in the family, because it is directly related to the problems of the group which they belong to. In the late XIX century, a new understanding of the value of personal productivity, the possibilities of expressing own inner world, which the teenager faces in the family, together with other family members, gained ground. The teenager no longer wants to consider himself as a child. He is increasingly oriented towards adult norms and criteria. At the same time, in order to secure autonomy, he emphasizes own age-specific characteristics.

The relevance of the youth marriage in the moral-social sphere is connected with the fact that the activity of groups in the process of socialization of values is affected by certain moral norms, attitudes, values, etc. This is reflected in the solution of children’ social problems, which, in turn, serves as a guarantee of cooperation in the future.

The connection of youth and marriage is also strong. A growing proportion of the world population will always be represented by teenagers. They are a social group that is well aware of the existence of marriage. Engagement of a child in marriage is often regarded as motherhood of a young family.

In the family, as the oldest social institution, it is a kind of alternative to the ordinary family. The formation of a family is associated with the evolution of the attitude towards children, the transition from a traditional model to a new one, the elimination of patriarchal inequality. These processes lead to the disappearance of patriarchal dependence on children, the transition of adolescent marriage on the basis of common interests, the transition from a model “it is my turn” to “we are in the family” (relative, but not absolute), the absence of special social status for children, and the desire for equal distribution of domestic work among adults.

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The problem of child marriage is especially acute for the young families of the middle age. The happiness of a young family is often determined precisely by the level of the child’s development. In the future, the children of married age are forced to work independently, to be engaged in production. The cause of child marriages is the unequal gender situation which can lead to the lifelong subordination of girls and women.

Media exploitation

Sometimes it is easy to expose the exploitation, for example, if the child is engaged in hard and dangerous physical labour to buy some food. In other cases, everything is not so obvious, for example, when parents force children to pass overly rigid sports training, to take part in beauty contests or film them for Youtube for hours. It’s also worth describing such situations in an against child labour essay.

Adults are guided by own ambitions and desire to earn money with the help of the child, even if they violate his real interests. At the same time, for the other adults, the child becomes an object of entertainment.

At children’s beauty contests which are especially popular in America, girls should look as adults, walk along the podium in thematic costumes, bathing suits and evening dresses. Toddlers & Tiaras is the bright example of beauty contest devoted to the kids. This show was canceled. Such shows are not only far from good taste. They also can seriously damage a child.