How to write about human rights

How to write about human rights

If you are writing the effects of government on society essay, you can describe the position of human rights in the world, or in the system of organizations of law and society, in which other people live. The area for such human rights is, of course, international.

Here, you can reveal both approaches to treat the problem of human rights, and they are quite different, because they affect each other in such a way that people from different countries can’t understand each other. So, what are these approaches to be considered?

The definition of the concept ’human rights’ existing in the world is quite simple, and this fact is important. As soon as a person is allowed to think with his heart, then he can’t be wrong. So, what can he do wrong? Well, he has to regularly come to the clinic, because the doctors don’t like his work with people that he knows and doesn’t know. After talking to a specialist with whom he has a son, he will be sure to decline the services. And when contacting an orthopaedic surgeon, he will demand to donate all life lost.

  • There are many cases when people have to leave their home to live without any reason. Many people incur poverty, and others suffer from living in complete homelessness. But even without all these disadvantages, the term “invisible homeless” – has already become a household name. The likelihood of becoming homeless due to an inability to find a job, especially in the north of the USA, is approximately equal for the recruitment level. The highest administrative, educational, and industrial salaries, as well as patterns of demographic change, confirm the contention that the level of homelessness is initially higher than the level of it in the states and areas of social mobility. The highest bus, train, and pedestrian movements have greater potential for transporting people than any other types of transport.

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    Most states provide assistance and services to the individuals, having lost their homes. The services are – food provision, clothes, and shelter, such help is realized by the community groups, volunteers, local government, and international organizations. The people living in the street often become the victims of physical and sexual exploitation, the risk of sexual assault is 20 times higher for girls than for men.

    Unfortunately, people living in the street often become the victims of physical and sexual exploitation, the risk of sexual assault is 20 times higher for women having no home than for those having wealth. Besides, lots of the accidents of such kind remain unreported. The US National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty has reported more than six hundred attacks with baseball bats, chains, and other kinds of weapons in the past decade, women were raped.

    Such happenings lead to multiple personal problems and you should mention it in your research paper on the effects of homelessness. For a person, who has found him- or herself out in the street it’s often difficult to believe that there will never be a roof to live under, this insight influences people’s state of mind and they often suffer from the following consequences – substance dependence increase, loss of will and ability to look after oneself, loss of self-esteem, greater danger of violence and exploitation, growing deviations in behavior and increased risk of being involved in criminal affairs.

    Any homelessness paper always can’t but mention that homelessness tears families apart, there are shelters not accepting children or just boys, sometimes, and mothers often have to go through the separation with their children taken to relatives or foster care.

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    It’s essential to mention in a homelessness essay that having no permanent place of residence influences children greatly. In addition to the higher rates of common diseases like asthma and stomach troubles, ear infections, they are more subject to depression, anxiety, and withdrawal. Such children also experience more difficulties in their studies and getting along with their same-age peers.

    In case you have to prepare a report on the topic, you may mention in your homelessness speech outline that the effect of this problem can be viewed from 3 angles: the influence on individuals, on communities, and on the tax-payers. By the way, it can also be your main homelessness thesis statement, which you can reveal in more detail further in your speech.

    If the influence on an individual is more or less clear from our own experience, the influence on an entire community can be seen from 3 angles: the influence on individuals, on communities, and on the tax-payers. By the way, it should also be mentioned in your homelessness essay introduction that the research work of the Urban Cleggs Corp.