How to write about human rights

How to write about human rights

Many good students ask themselves a rhetorical question: “What is human rights?” The classic formulation of the problem is controversial in the community. People speak about rights of different individuals. In different cultures, the idea of human rights is very different from the concepts of freedom, justice and the like. So, we need to take into account the words of people who speak about their rights.

There are many interpretations of the concept of human rights. Let’s talk about the most popular in modern day’s:”

  • These are the rights inherent to each individual, regardless of his belonging to a particular nation, country, gender, ethnic group. They do not depend on the color of the skin, the religion which the person professes, the native language and other similar criteria. All people are at the same level and have equal human rights which eliminate different kinds of discrimination.
  • It’s worth mentioning in a “History of human rights” essay that, in the framework of the US definition of the human rights, it is meant for the protection of the individual from interference by the authorities, authorities, and other public manifestations.
  • The inalienable properties of the person, the features reflecting his freedom. They are necessary for the legal relations of the individual with the state, society or other people.
  • The opportunities guaranteeing freedom of activity in all fields of the public life.
  • Prerequisites for spiritual development of the individual: he has access to the highest spheres of art (literature, visual arts, scientific creativity, etc.).
  • The basis on which the possibility of preserving the life and dignity of any person rests.
  • The complex of the natural rights reflected in normative legal acts of the government and the acquired legal norms which developed over the centuries, during the formation of society and states.
  • Legal means and abilities of each person.
  • Rights inherent to a person from birth, ensuring his existence as a member of the world community.
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    Global historical review for human rights essay

    You may emphasize in “History of human rights” essay introduction that civil liberties are a socio-historical phenomenon. The modern formulation of HR issue (despite its novelty, peculiarities conditioned by the progressive character of the world civilization) is based on the rich experience of previous generations, primarily in the field of legal forms of organization of public and state life of people, regulating their social relations.

    Throughout the history of mankind, each state system included a certain legal concept of a person as a subject of law and appropriate notions of his rights, obligations and freedoms. The degree and character of the development of human rights are determined by the level of development of law in the corresponding society.

    Explain to the readers of personal freedom essay that human rights were formed on the basis of repeatedly reproduced acts of human activity, connections and stable forms of relations. Involvement of a large number of individuals into the process of human activity, the clash and confrontation of their interests are inevitable. Everyone strives to possess a perfect equality.

    Your essay on human rights should characterize such constraints as personal liberty, fair trial, rule of law, equality of people. It is necessary to abide by the norms of nature and civil society, which are inspired by the life and experience of the preceding generations.

    The main goal of the liberal-democratic state is to make the people’s life better, more efficient, more democratic. You can argue on the basis of these principles, look for the common values between people and society, the harmony between peoples in the world.

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    The following concepts are inextricable in any area of American life:

  • freedom of the individual and freedom of entrepreneurship;
  • “self-determination” of a person and the creation of a solid base of family, community and material community, higher forms of family organization, kinship and marriage;
  • commitment to the community;
  • service to the locality and quality of domestic and international activities;
  • annual reassessment of the situation in the international sphere.
  • So, the individual is a social person, the definition of his relations with the surrounding society is the form of the most important social relationships.