How to write about love?

How to write about love?

It is difficult to find an artistic value in most recent years’ research projects. They are unlikely to be noticed in an academic paper. But when it is really necessary, their text is distinguished by a number of interesting facts and features.

A classification of traits includes such factors as family conflicts, antisocial behavior in a family context, worsening of the family, single-parent families, and family failure. Unfortunately, these trends exist in the modern family. They are manifested in the following facts: in the past decade, the family has become a habit, and its elements are often employed, for example, as the emotional support and supervision over a spouse.

The number of couples married and having children is growing. As a rule, in families where technical skills and education are not considered as the main value, and the marriage is often considered as the child’s form of marriage.

technical innovation in the family

In the light of the family crisis, your Romeo and Juliet essay should describe how, in the modern families, there is an active reorientation to traditional values. The point of view is that the family belongs to special, fundamental groups of society. All projections, both in the family and in society, are unacceptable in the context of the family.

The essence of the family, which existed in the ancient times, was fundamentally different from the idea of a family as a motherhood institution. Modern families are all the more heterogeneous in social relations. All projections, stereotypes, theses, arguments for and against marriage are legitimate, legitimate, existing in our society.

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As for the division of labor between rich and poor families, there are very few permanent characteristics: division of labor between the rich and the poor. At the same time, the social and economic goals of the spouses belong to the greater part of the family.

There are the following basic social relationships of couples engaged in family matters:

  • the economic needs of one party are the basic values of the family;
  • personal needs of the partner are the most important things of the marital relationship;
  • spiritual needs, i.e. the rest of the world and the ideas of the spouses are the channels of expression of the more essential ideas of the marriage;
  • functional needs, the balance of the family.
  • The function of the marriage is the reproduction of the population as a whole, the care and upbringing of children, the distribution of household activities, child labour, domestic work, tax service, medical care, etc. This is one of the basic functions of the marriage.

    The second fundamental function of the marriage is the transmission of property differences between partners embodied in everyday life.

    Transmission of personal wealth and individual social status is associated with the improvement of the material situation and the increase in the breadth and deepening of personal interests, the inclination to occupy the leading position in the family.

    To some extent, the transformation of marriage and family is associated with the transformation of the patriarchal system of values. The modern type of marriage is not characterized by the dominance of one of the spouses. The wife leads a household on the background of her husband, lives in a house filled with intelligent household appliances.

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    The results of the transformation of patriarchal values are manifested in the evolution of the attitude of partners towards each other, their desire for complete equality, the aspiration for the adoption of common values.

    An example of the transformation of marriage values for sex equality essay is the transformation of the ideal of love into the ideal of “equal distribution”. After the marriage, men begin to pay less attention to own appearance and do not try to meet the standards of modern fashion. The ideal of love is capable of only the collective “service for a family”. It is not suitable for individual marriage.

    The marriage is transformed by the evolution of female values. The modern type of partner has a more flexible attitude towards divorce, widowhood, needs more attention to the appearance of the partner. The woman marries “like a king” or “just a wife”, does not claim to be the “essual” or “sacrificial” but by default assumes the role of a “wife”.

    Evolution of family values essay

    The significance of the family is inseparable from the history of marriage in the central axis of the development of society. A complex stage of adaptation is reflected in the formation of the person’s concept of the relationships “family” and “family” in the modern sociological world.

    Marriage has always been regarded as a social institution in the patriarchal system: families are a marriage most protective and exclusive institution for a long time. Married couples bear a significant number of problems in the development of society: social, psychological, economic, educational, demographic, marital, child, etc. There is a number of challenges for the marriage. Let’s consider some of them.