How to write about love?

How to write about love?

It is difficult to find an example of a definition essay on love in which a love is defined as the attachment of the individual to the partner without any external differences. However, such an approach is possible. The subject also should be negative, supporting it with arguments.

Definition of the concept ’family’ existing in the literature can be conditionally divided into three categories.

  • Psychological approaches for defining the concept ‘family’ are quite different. In recent years, the following concepts have been most widely used in the publications:

  • neurologists and psychologists studied the biological basis of sexual behavior, exploring the brain and nervous system, sex organs and regulation of the hormonal system in the first half of the twentieth century;
  • behaviorists were engaged in the study of the formation process of homosexual identity that begins in a child’s age and continuing during puberty and throughout life;
  • psychologists and psychiatrists were studying the “prerequisites” of sexuality of an adult, including the ability to love and to have a lasting emotional contact.
  • The biology of sexual orientation is still studied poorly. The search for sexual orientation genes is being conducted in the following areas:

  • the hypothalamus is considered to be sexually attracted by people of their sex;
  • human body is divided into masculine and female;
  • development of the psyche is affected by the number of offspring and the level of their development.
  • The temperament of the ancestor of a family is modified by the time of the epidemic of homosexuality (generations of homosexual behavior) in the cultural context;
  • recovered homosexual identity is associated with a particular culture of life;
  • image of a woman is formed and develops by the homosexual method of interaction;
  • personal complexes of the person are analyzed, for example, the personality of a university student is equal to the characteristics of a typical man or woman;
  • complexs of interpersonal relations are examined, for example, friendship, love, etc.
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    The mechanism of homo- and heterosexuality in homosexual communities is fundamentally different from the structure of heterosexuals.

    Homosexuality exists at the stage of a transition from a stable, politically and economically active element to a marginalized one, at the stage of a replacement of traditional values. In this regard, homosexual identity is an independent social identity, the qualities of which are determined by the number of homosexuals and heterosexuals in the community.

    Having ceased to experience discomfort from their homosexuality, people enter a period when they do not just reconcile themselves with their sexual identity, but begin to evaluate such self-determination as a legitimate, meaningful and formative their individuality. At this stage, conditions such as acceptance and preference apply. At this stage of identity formation, communication with other gays and lesbians is of great importance for the individual. In the gay rights persuasive essay, state that only the knowledge of the details of the life of LGBT, obtained through acquaintance with the individual experience of other real men and women, can serve as a basis for the full-fledged acceptance of the significance of LGBT identity.

    In the same-sex marriage essays, state that for same-sex couples, a formally concluded marriage provides an excellent opportunity to express the newly formed partnership’s views, to discuss their own relationship in the modern world and to make friends. The online data shows that the majority of new users come to this decision after having undergone a series of painful stages. Creating the same-sex marriage paper, state that these are the most common reasons of contacts with new sexual partners.