How to write about love in a family essay

How to write about love in a family essay

Describing the features of a family essay, it’s worth noting that love is in the center of the imagination of the vast majority of the people. At first glance, this concept is rather abstract. Nevertheless, deeply, deeply seated in our minds, we still cannot fail to see the “golden rule”: in every possible detail, the thoughts and feelings of the partner, the ability to share the burden of responsibility are noted.

The deficiency of communication often becomes the cause of estrangement of the individual. As a consequence, the communication disappears, even though it is possible to talk about some things from the viewpoint of a individual. But the issue of fairness is also complex. In addition, the word “honesty” denotes a complex set of phenomena connected by mutual service, mutual understanding and support.

The word “honesty” combines such categories as veneration, respect, honesty with respect to any individual. And above all, it is inseparable from respect, which is the highest form of reciprocity, the utmost example of sincere, intelligent communication. The communication with the closest partner is often described as restoring in its goodness and utmost value. Although such communication is usually short-lived, it has its own benefits and downsides.

The ruin of friendship, which is expressed in the phrase “Between the stones,” means the lack of desire for sincere communication, the inability to share the burden of misunderstandings, difficulties in solving situations, the lack of confidence, coordination, etc. (Emotional emphasis, emphasis on the negative aspects of communication.)

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The concept of friendship is aggravating, both inside the unit and outside, including both in the context of interpersonal contacts and international ties. All this is reflected, in particular, in the attitude of partners to each other.

Material for friendship essay

It is reasonable to start writing the friendship essay with the following thesis: “Among the many types of friendship, most are those that are mainly objective and worthless. They lack something useful in others. Let us explain why this happens. The psychological value of the closest communication is often determined precisely by the gap between the positions of friends and the positions of comrades.

We can consider the example of a hypothetical inter-personal communication with a friend on the basis of collective values, and the following implications will follow in the course of interaction:

  • Despite the fact that the friend is largely within the circle of unconscious ideas, he still does not perceive the friend as an individual. In order to be friends, he must be adopted by at least two other people.
  • The perception of the friend as a part of the collective soul is often much stronger than the perception of him as a separate person.
  • The inter-group perception of friend is influenced by the attitude of the collective to the protagonist, which, especially often, leads to the case of projection, the illusion of a shared future.
  • When the narrative of a friend is based on real events, the picture turns out to be quite different from the perception of the whole group, because the latter has its own reality.
  • When the story of a teacher is sad, he may smile to a student from the crowd, express gratitude for help.
  • When a private example of a teacher is not enough, and a public example is far from complete, in each case, the same qualities of a teacher is detected.
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