How to write about love in a family essay

How to write about love in a family essay

The foremost task that interested all students and schoolchildren is to form a proper emotional attitude towards parents. And this is why such academic papers are written exclusively in order to explore parent–child relationships and the impact of socio-cultural stereotypes on the kids. Some of them even focus on the dispositions of parents toward children. Such a report also may serve as a means of studying the relationship between parents and children.

The ideally formed relationship between parents and children has always been considered as one of the most important social values. In modern society, there is an idea that parents should be considered as the best carers of a minor. As a rule, they provide the main function of the family as a mother, father, and child or children.

But this ideal is not always realized. When parents do not perfectly know how to behave with their children, to lead them in the right direction, there is always a need to consult a professional psychologist. And the question of how to act in the situation of parental dysfunction arises.

Some parents suffer from an inferiority complex. They do not recognize the value of the communication with their child, fear of losing respect for own personality. And the thought “I need help with my parenting” lingers inevitably in the heads of the adults.

Not surprisingly, parents have a less positive attitude towards children. They often isolate them from people. In actuality, this is true. So, it is not surprising that children receive the attitude of parents through their parents.

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The main negative characteristic of parents is the habit of attributing the character of the child to the characteristics of the parents. Even if it is true, it is not recommended to attribute the children’s qualities to the parents. After all, it is not easy to build a relationship with a child. And it is even not always possible to find out, for example, how to manage a child’s behavior.

The role of parents in the child’s life is to fulfill their obligations as a mother, father, children, and relatives of the minor. They fulfill their social functions in the collective and individual way and are active in social relations. However, parents should be involved in the evaluation of the child, in decision-making, and in the formation of a sense of responsibility for the upbringing of the child. Parents should be aware of the fact that children can develop differently. Some children grow up hungry and sneezing in the street, others need to have a good sleep and eat something, and it is difficult to determine the level of their knowledge. But among the adults, there is nothing difficult, and therefore one can say “Good parents are my heroes”.

In the culture of sacrifice, the idealization of parents is contrasted to the idealization of the child, which, in the process of sacrifice, is both a standard that is practiced by the older generation and a household ideal that is unattainable for most of the adults. Thus, the idealization of parents is associated with the transformation of the ideal of the family. As a result, the obsolescence of parents is observed in the transition from the older generation to the younger one.

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The transformation of the ideal family is observed in the process of sacrifice itself. As a result of mass self-disclosure, the feelings of loneliness, alienation, lack of communication with other people are experienced. The teenager waits for a while in the arms of the adult, feeling the isolation of a good parent.

In the cult of sacrifice, young people gradually approach the acquisition of grief as a normal thing and then to lament, especially over the failure of a relationship. The teenager begins to expect a bad outcome and is increasingly oriented towards negative norms, for example, the provision of food and clothing, communication with friends, education, friendship, and sexual services. In such attitudes, it is easy for a teenager to accept the fact that there is bad in front of him and to seek ways to fix everything.

However, in the study of sacrifice, the teenager is forced to experience more pain than over and over again. The first impression is extremely difficult for a teenager. The social language in the language of sacrifice is rich in negative subtext. The double reality becomes a problem for the teenager. He does not want the limelight of life and attention to be directed to the pain of the soul.

The perception of own personality in the collective “I” is very different from the perception of own soul in the individual “I”. The teenager opens up a whole world of new emotions and the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But the deeper the consciousness is, the more attention is paid to the external features of the person.

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Adolescents lose respect for the child, and this is one of the most significant difficulties in the system of moral education for teenagers.

The teenager opens up a new world of relationships, the adventure of personal achievement.