How to write about love in a friendship?

How to write about love in a friendship?

It is difficult to imagine the day without which people would express their feelings. But, unfortunately, such feelings are not always realized in reality. If a person loves, it is because he is in love, which is simultaneously manifested in all his more subtle, subtle feelings. We must, however, pay attention to the fact that the world does not always stand still and this process continues to evolve. The patterns of development are clearly displayed in an analysis of the type of relationship “love”, which is often called in this way: intimate, strong, superficial, primary family relationship.

Such a variety of meanings gives an idea of the general direction of the concepts “can family and love”. The ambiguity of understanding of love, which is described even by the opposite sex, lies in the middle of the ideological project of the family. Femininity is regarded as weakness, and masculinity – as strength. In reality, it is not entirely true. Sex is a combination of biological characteristics, psychological features, physiological needs and purposes, which are expressed in the phenomenon of sexual attraction.

Writing the sexual abuse essay, note that the word “love” is most often understood as the emotional attachment of the individual to the wife. The example of a strong love is contrasted to the concept of love – friendship. Unlike friends, whomsoever the person loves, loved, contemplates, it is not easy for a person to breathe a sigh of relief, to feel joy, pride, courage. Even if the concept of love is not completely realized, it is practiced in the consciousness of the individual. A person feels some measure of closure of own soul and knows that there is such a thing as justice, which is available for both partners.

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The philosophy of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, as well as other societies, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered values of people as the highest value in the psychological world. In psychoanalytic concepts, the friend is most often plays the role of a mirror on which the individual projects his own unconscious traits or an ideal model for imitation, identification. In addition, this concept tends to absolutize the traumatic consequences of negative children’s experience, leaves the processes and mechanisms of interpersonal relations of adults in shadow.

There is one more theory to consider in friends and friendship essay. If the behavioral approach captures the molecular processes of interpersonal interaction, and psychodynamic – intrapersonal needs, then cognitive psychology analyzes the informative and procedural side of communication trying to answer the question of exactly how interpersonal communication takes place. Representatives of this area explore primarily the cognitive and symbolic aspects of human relationships: social attitudes, value orientations, signs, meanings, and so on.

Unlike naive psychology which tried to link the attraction of certain people to each other directly with their objective similarities or differences, cognitive psychology emphasizes the importance of attribution processes. According to its theoreticians, in friendship, the actual coincidence or disparity of individual traits is less important than their perception: the features which the friends attribute to each other, the tendencies of such attribution (we tend to see only good in friends and only evil in our enemies).

The exchange of rewards in the light of the cognitive theory of justice appears to be a more complex psychological process which should be described in respect in friendship essay: wishing to receive the maximum satisfaction from communication, the individual usually relies on his ideas about a fair exchange, and this encourages him to take care not only of his own benefit but also of the partner’s interests.

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Cognitive psychology initiated the systematic study of the friendship language – terms in which people comprehend and describe their relationships, ideas about each other, as well as opposing concepts used by the individuals to categorize themselves or surrounding people. On the basis of these concepts, an implicit (tacitly implied) theory of personality develops. For example, the categorization of people according to the axis “logics – emotions” is determined by the specificity of personal life experience.

Knowledge of the individual’s repertory positions, the structure of social roles that are significant to him and their subjective meaning allows the psychologist to consider his inner world and intimate surrounding. Interpersonal competence is also of great importance for the psychology of friendship. It includes the development of the necessary communication skills, the ability to make friends, to open heart and to understand others.

Although, according to initial assumptions, all these approaches to understanding the psychological aspects of interpersonal interaction are different (and, in some cases, even opposite), at the same time, they are complementary, each of them has certain rational elements.