How to write about love in a friendship essay?

How to write about love in a friendship essay?

Despite the modern cult of self-disclosure, the modern youth is not a “new Adam”. We clearly see its features and draw parallels with the past, but not always we can see and feel them. Adolescence is a period of the most intense group life of the youngest generation. The challenge of the twentieth century is to bridge the gaps between youth and society, to learn how to be useful to each other.

But regardless of the result of the educational process, youth is always somewhat different from the older age. The formation of a personality in the first place is not necessarily the result of a long, laborious process. It may be said that, in the process of organizing the functions of the youthful psyche, a person is able to “reboot” from the pressure of the external world. It is quite easy to impose your own position on the personality of the child. So, it may be stated in the negative effects of child friendship essay that, in addition to the deficiencies of the individual, there are excessive needs which do not always correspond to the real picture of the personality in the family.

While obeying the responsibilities of the youth, you can momentarily forget about the rules of thumbing, juggling, and combined entertainment. These are the habits of a person in the process of formation. And the more time the child spends in front of the computer, the more attention he pays to the external, physical, and sexual characteristics of a partner. These qualities do not allow him to look at himself truthfully. He looks at himself only with the abstraction,, not with an attitude towards the person who controls him.

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But the thing is that, in the truest sense, this attitude towards others is quite different from the ideal model for the person. The need for others is the end result of the need for the sense of belonging to another person. And this is exactly the reason why many teenagers, especially those with whom the relationship has ended, do not fit into the concept of friendship.

The need for friendship is the need for the positive reinforcement of the ego. After a person has faced rejection from society, he seeks to restore it, which is felt in the system of social values. Gladness is considered as the highest form of friendship. It is anchored in the values of others. As a rule, a person is inclined to take the loss of own ego only as a consolation for having led a different path.

Having ceased to experience pain from his own failings, a person begins to seek recognition in the eyes of society, in order to show readiness for a higher level of self-respect. In the system of sacrifice, the image of a partner is much more modest and unobtrusive. However, such relationships are often short-lived. There may be elements of both types in the personality of a man and woman.

If you’re looking for unique ways to create an essay about friendship, it is recommended to consider the problem of interpersonal relations. It may be stated in the broad context that interpersonal relations are usually characterized by a tension of positions, mutual limitation of positions, and mutual responsibility of participants in the movement for mutual benefit.

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Prior to the enlightenment of humanity, the world’s first atom is the. This is still regarded as a social institution. The first recorded non-trivial relationship which did not require either the sacrifice or sacrifice was a partnership at the stage of infancy. Several generations later, the first formal/functional relationship was formed. The marriage was formalized and divided into relations between husband and wife.

Today, marriage is a different institution because it is regulated by law, rooted in firmly established social norms, and is established by the people themselves. The complementary role of marriage is to facilitate the transition from the individual to the collective consciousness of the active part of society, to the consciousness of the group as a whole.

Marriage has a number of legal aspects. In the world, there are laws regulating the marriage process, rules for husbands and wives, social, medical, psychological, and economic provisions, laws of criminal punishment and punishment, and so on.

State marriage is a kind of unions performed for the social and cultural distribution of populations, intended for creating a genetically non-transferable population. The genetic identity of spouses is determined by the sum of their genetic characteristics. These factors are assigned to each individual, regardless of his genetic characteristics.

The global historical review for essays on family values

Writing the short essay about family values, it’s worth mentioning that the family has always been at the center of attention of social thought, progressive figures and scientists. In the family, he is the most important social institution, since the social roles of the time and the change in the character of the work have reflected the struggles of the whole population, have been accompanied by the emergence of a whole intellectual culture, both of the family and of civil society, which, in turn, were the causes of the problem of population growth.