How to write about love in a friendship essay?

How to write about love in a friendship essay?

Due to the modern progress in the field of communication with computers, the question of how to write a friendship essay has become a popular activity. The question is connected with the emergence of a new generation of kids who are accustomed to the digital world of communication. Many people start looking for friends and each other online. The advantage of this method is that, along with personal profiles, they now have the opportunity to advertise themselves and create a virtual image of themselves. Although it is difficult for adults to project their interests into the field of friendship, it is becoming easier to find physical interests in others.

The main problem of this method is the detachment of the individual from the surrounding society. The internal conflicts with this type of self-advertisement are manifested in the desire of the person to be recognized as a particular person, especially in relation to the object of his deep feelings. The problem is that, in addition to the virtual reality, the user has a real world to live in which other people, even his friends, are present: in the company of other people.

As a rule, in such games, the sensation of recognition can be mistaken for the virtual one. To make virtual friendships, the person must have some shallow emotional connection with the target of his eye. Otherwise, he will not be able to experience the fullness of this feeling.

The case is different with the object of the virtual friendship. When a person starts playing one of the most popular computer games, he immediately starts looking for other people based on the game’s popularity. As a result, the slave of the computer becomes a partner of the player.

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How to write a friendship essay?

Despite the modern cult of self-sacrifice and the free exit from the world, there is still such a concept as friendship. To write “What is friendship?” essay correctly, you should study the forms of communication between people in the field of computer science.

There are several types:

  • Interpersonal. A person has a number of friends, and they are considered to be friends by other means.
  • Ideal. It is an ideal version of communication, which is concluded in the game.
  • Average. The average person has about five friends. But these are virtual friends, and they are not always together.
  • There are such variations of relations as family conflict (because of differences in the value system), philosophical differences (between the leader and the follower), as well as various tasks for short communication. Even the most strongly developed friend can have problems with self-esteem.

    Nevertheless, despite the fact that a variety of games can lead to the acquisition of personality in adolescents, this concept is not completely separable from the standard concept of love, which remains in the consciousness of the younger generation. The “golden rule” governs the perception of own personality. It is based on the perception of the traits of the ideal created by the interactive medium.

    The concept of friendship in computer games is much simpler than in the case of other people. The article about friends in virtual reality does not apply general definitions, does not try to cover all cases. The author simply describes the relationships of imaginary friends.

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    There is a stereotype that the ideal the world is created by, and the only people who can play “The Veldt” are “prett” in it. However, there are such instances when people precisely such with the ability to create a virtual world. The popularity of the term “virtual reality” is due to the fact that people can choose the area of their virtual life and provide themselves with a good mood.

    Do games relieve stress?

    The survey of virtual friends reveals that the physical aspects of relations with the virtual world are also very important. The results of the survey are the following: the participants of the study reported feeling of relaxation and fewer symptoms of acute stress (Fingerhut & Maisel, 2010. P. 965). However, the research of others in the field of virtual friendships show that the virtual reality does not always provide a way to relieve stress and make the person feel pleasure. Most likely, the biological basis of this problem is the progressive nature of the development of the psyche, which, however, do not override the psychological need for good mood.

    The group of respondents also differed in their attitude to the virtual reality, which, however, were not always associated with the video games. The study of statistical relations between friends found that the emotions of some people can be mistaken for the simulated feelings.

    For example, the results of the survey for the essay about our friend find it difficult to imagine how to build a friendship in the field of such relationships. The confusion of the concepts of friendship and the Internet is also in the questions of the degree to which the virtual reality should bring to the consciousness of the participant.