How to write about love in a friendship essay

How to write about love in a friendship essay

Despite the modern deep interest in the development of friendship, its economic and sociological properties remain in the spotlight. You should also remember that the subject is not a sphere in which external values are subordinated to the interests of the individual. On the contrary, friendship is an interdependent system – a unity of the individual and his attitude towards the objective reality. Through this system, the communication with others and the recognition of their individuality is carried out.

The metaphor of friendship, which venerable citizens use to describe their relationships, likens the basic principle of love to an exaggerated form of devotion. Georges (Dutch philosopher, mystic, New Zealander, etc.) likens the primitive love of comrades to murder, sacrificing it for the sake of greater goals. The simple desire for friendship, which, however, are not realized in its pure form, is turned into the object of the desire, becomes a love. The heart of a friend is opened by his emotions, feelings, which are called joys. Joys are experienced by the individual, but they also do not belong to the ideal, the sky is not dark, the stones are firm, smooth, feminine. In this regard, the enjoyment of friends is akin to a well-staged circus. It is just an exaggerated version of joys that makes the heart beat a little faster.

Such “conversation” is characteristic to the “free flow” of emotion, which, however, are no less important than the perceptions of the world around. For the sake of communication with other people, we sometimes forget about the things that we read about, the sounds of their voices, the colors of their skin, their age, sex, religion, political system of the country in general.

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With the help of systematic research, it was possible to determine the structure of particular types of interpersonal interactions, the parameters of such relationships. The following methods were used: video recordings, subjective impressions, adapted computer programs for analysis of the patterns of interpersonal behavior.

The analysis of the signals from the video game is based on the analysis of the positions (seasonality, timescale, inclination to trust, etc.) and personal attitudes (for example, the degree of constancy of the character, the dynamic of thinking, impression of own personality by other people, etc.). The analysis of the responses is conducted exclusively within the framework of the experiment aimed at measuring the level of mutual understanding between the object and the people around, which is the outcome of the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience of the individual.

Video games and physical education

It should be noted in essays on computer games addiction that, in addition to the popularity of the virtual reality, its influence on the human mind is especially strong. Electronic games are widely used not only in the classroom but also at home. The number of teenagers who own or mainly rely on virtual characters is quite significant.

However, it should be noted in essays on computer games addiction that, in any case, such influence provokes the need to develop the skills of logical thinking, ability to talk correctly, as well as the skills of effective and fast learning. In this way, with the development of industry skills, skills acquired will allow to achieve future career opportunities.

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The role of the internet in the educational process is quite obvious: this is a way to quickly get the results of the most difficult academic and professional research. The internet is excellent at this task. The computers are understandable, easy to use, and the steps of the operation are extremely easy. However, the popularity of the internet is often mistaken for the fact that, in some parts of the world, there are no alternative sources of information. Therefore, the population, having lost the printed word, is suffering from the inferiority of the internet.

In these conditions, the best strategy to combat the internet is to build a research paper on the basis of the anonymous web communities, which provide the actual writing service in the form of which the global cooperation takes place.

How to write exactly what you need to say in your research paper on the internet? The answer is simple. Just think about what users really think and do they actually read the comments, or if you ask one of them, how often do they read the comments? Do they read the news of the day through the radio or television? In the end, we can assume that the answer to the question of how often the two-tone communication increases in frequency, or does not always occur at all. Would it be great if you provide the empirical data? Just add some statistics on its importance to the population.

In the light of the statistical fact, the following questions arise in exactly the same way as in the case of statistics on population: in the morning, the Internet is often used not only to get the latest information on something but also to organize one’s own activities. After all, few people would say “I would better pay someone to write my essay”.