How to write about love in a friendship essay?

How to write about love in a friendship essay?

It is impossible to love someone without expressing the best feelings. Therefore, it is advisable to describe your own attitude to the theme of love in friendship essay.

The expression “I love you” can be interpreted as “friend of the choice” or “glad of love” – it does not mean simply that you should express the same quality in relation to the object of your desire. For example, it does not mean simply that “I enjoy the beauty of nature” or “I want to be a leader”. It means a more complex attitude towards the subject of love.

As for the definition “friend”, it can be understood as “the very fact that allows me to appreciate the uniqueness of your personality”. Not only this is the case with a friend, but also strangers, loved ones, etc.

There are many definitions of friendship. What may be an unexpected contrast in such conditions?

Neurological and cognitive psychologists contrasted and combined these concepts. The latter group says that such friends are interesting and desirable at first glance. The second group is very positive about friends.

The opposing group, however, was not very enthusiastic about a long-term relationship. They described such immersions in the form of social conventions that do not require mutual respect and remembrance.

Thanks to the active participation of the individual in social life, the formation of a sense of pride and self-respect in the regime of sacrifice was granted some joy and pleasure.

Social conventions are based on the internal symbolic system which performs the function of the environment from the outside. The external, physical connection of friends is based on their psychological characteristics which the author receives. Thus, the self-sacrifice is a kind of alternative to the ordinary interaction.

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The external requirements of friends were placed above personal desires and interests. In the system of interpersonal relations, they were determined by the harmony of the circle of partners and the desire of the individual to be helpful, sympathetic.

The complementary characteristics of friends are sufficiently manifested even in the case of friendship in the context of sacrifice. A person may describe his former interests, habits, values, etc. As a rule, this is true, but only if the qualities of the object and the manners of communication are fundamentally different.

The perception of the self-sacrifice is quite practical. The image of psychological qualities and the ideology of inaction do not allow to neglect such formalities. In the system of sacrifice, all principles of friendship are viable, and the struggle for partnership can take place.

Although, according to Freud, the ideology of sacrifice takes the victim’s position. The idea of friendship with the abuser is not only dangerous, but also quite irrational. Owing to unconscious prejudices, the victim is unable to understand the dynamics of his behavior and the motives of his impulses.

The dynamics of sacrifice in relationships of partners can be described in the following equation: a dominant person has a dominant position in the relationship. There is a dominant role in the overall system of domestic relations: husbands dominate spouses and children dominate the family. Such relationships are determined by the objective interests of the person.

There is a tendency for the emergence of a third party as a dominant in the relationships of men and women regardless of their functionalities, so, notwithstanding the liberation of men from patriarchal dependence, the domination of women by men.

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The unique function of the family is the system of social support and needs which the spouses perform in everyday life. The function of the marriage is the reproduction of the population.

Sex is the basic social form of interpersonal relations. Sexual interaction is it most immediate and pronounced form of interpersonal interaction, as well as the most complex and multifaceted form of interpersonal relations. Sex is the basis of the friendship, the basis of mutual assistance and love, the basis of the communication of personalities.

You may state in a good friendship essay that for lovers and spouses, the fundamental base of the relationship is the consciousness of own desires and the ability to realize them, to have own pleasure and to express their feelings. Although, for the latter, the base of the relationship is not necessarily his (part of the couples can’t have children, as a rule, and the children are born. The relationship between a man and a woman is usually based on ego interests and the need for strong emotional attachments. The base of the friendship of men and women is their desire for the active implementation of the relationship.

The basic principle of friendship is based on the principle of similarity and equality. In other words, the basic principle of friendship is the same as the basic principle of marriage. If to equalize the base of friendship, then, in the same way, the friendship is created.

Having started to work on own friendship essay, you may ask how to end a friendship essay if the subject is not solved at the end of the work.

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There is a widespread opinion that the friendship is created and becomes a fixed institution in the life of each person.