How to write about love in friendship essay?

How to write about love in friendship essay?

This type of academic assignment is similar to the previous, with the only difference that there are two persons involved in communication. There is no direct communication with the subject. Communication is achieved through text. All views and feelings are conveyed exclusively in the text. Thus, the communication can’t be real – without the other person’s presence.

There are many definitions of friendship. The practical meaning of this concept is quite simple, and the essence is always stated in the form of a proposition, the essence of which is manifested in the thesis statement.

Real friendship is unique, as all other relationships are not always explicit. The subject always remains a friend, and this is important to maintain. Elaborate the connection between transactional relations, such as business dealings, family relationships, friendship in various situations. Add something to this: you should write about friendship in the family, social work, and child support in friendship essay.

Problem of friendship in the family

In families, there is always a common interval of life, and the inner world of each of the members is his own space. Hence, the problem of friendship in the family has always been among the major problems in sociological research. As a result, numerous theoreticians and psychologists were able to explain the psychology of friendship, which, in turn, led to the emergence of such theories of personality as social intuitionism and groupism, which, in turn, led to a complete discontinuation of the idea of friendship, including the orientation of friendship to the world.

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In many respects, internal qualities and the ways to achieve them, although they are usually combined to some extent, are distinct. The dispassionate and reserved attitude of the individual can often be mistaken for the purposes of obtaining the means of subsistence. The desire for friendship, for example, arises in the consciousness of the need for emotional contact and satisfaction, the desire for shared experience. In the modern theory of personality, the following types of relationships are identified with the interpersonal relationship: strong, medium, weak, natural, personalized, and supportive.

Strong friendships are characterized by the ability to cover the mind’s lack of control over the feelings that arise in its environment. These friends are able to express their thoughts and feelings. Friendship with others is based on mutual trust and love. It is explicitly organized in the structure of the interpersonal relationship.

Medium friendships are created by the process of communication with others. Starting from a simple joint pastime, such relations gradually lead to the conscious formation of a more significant number of friends, and friendship with them is based on the ability to share the experiences, to share the information received.

To some extent, we can agree with the general perception of friendship in society. However, it is worth noting that not everyone can understand this type of relationships. The outside help of friends is one of the main reasons for the appearance of such unusual relationships which may be described in essays on friendship.

The need for communication with the surrounding reality, the charge for the creation of which is responsible for the content of the communication. Whether we are talking about the intrinsic nature of friendship or the social organized nature of it, such communication helps to understand the other side of the problem, to reveal own intentions and plans. The more closely the friend is connected with the reality, the more effectively the can be applied in solving the problems of communication.

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In order to be truly great, the individual must have a lessening influence on friends than to be harmful to them. If a person is able to increase the level of cooperation with a wide range of people, then this phenomenon is reciprocated. There is an exciting game which may be described in the essay “What is friendship?”

The main advantage of communication with others is that it is both receptive and available, which results in a high level of satisfaction and satisfaction with the overall goal. The need for communication with others is correctly perceived in the system of preferences.

Due to the widespread popularity of the term “friend”, people began to speak about their personal qualities and opportunities which may be considered in adhering to some values: emotional, strong, healthy, successful, to some extent ethereal, and so on.

The more vivid examples of this type of relationships, the more interesting it is to look at them. Collect the interesting facts about friends in different sources of information. For instance, the affection of friends is closely associated with romantic love, which, however, are not considered as the main factor in the formation of friendly attachments. The feeling of affection, which, however, is not confirmed by the emotional attachment of friends. If the attitude towards the friend is strongly held, then the friend is not feeling himself. This is what the subject of friendship is intended for – not only to feel with the friend, but also to serve as a mirror for the overall image of oneself.