How to write about love in friendship essay

How to write about love in friendship essay

Despite the modern obsession with the search for individual variations, the essence of the phenomenon of friendship remains unchanged. On the one hand, this is the participation of egoists in the movement for the domination of friendship, and on the other – the desire for friendship.

The essence of this phenomenon lies in the basic social instincts: social adequacy and competition. On the basis of these instincts, a flexible, responsive attitude towards own life issues is formed. The actualization of this process begins to be realized, which is expressed in the characteristic feelings that the subject experiences. These changes are caused by a change in the value system of the individual, the nature of interpersonal relationships, their attitude towards each other, their communication style, value orientations, signs, meanings, and so on.

Therefore, although, in actuality, this concept is not identical with marriage. The idea of friendship is often used to describe a more universal type of interpersonal interactions, the nature of the most fruitful and deep friendships, which may be described in a friendship essay for college students.

For example, the subject may describe his feeling that, without the watch on the ocean, he is simply not able to believe in love. The same attitude towards the objective reality of life and the world surrounding is expressed in the concept of friendship.

How to write about friendship essay?

Social anxiety is connected with the need to communicate with other people. Communication occupies place of one of the basic human needs. This is an information and physical interaction in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed.

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To make friends, young people must be able to listen to each other’s needs and wishes, be able to share their problems and joys. Through the process of communication, the individual actually begins to feel like a part of something greater. The concept of friendship, as a special social form of interpersonal relationships, is becoming more relevant.

If you’re looking for unique ways to express your ideas, place your special attention on the sphere of human relationships. Here you should find out, that friendship, like love, is not only a way to obtain valuable knowledge and ideas but also a way to demonstrate own personality, demonstrate self-expression skills, as well as the ability to communicate and find common interests.

But, despite the interest in friendship, it is primarily a emotional attachment. Real or virtual friendship is, most importantly, within the framework of the social roles of the individual. They determine the social effectiveness of cooperation.

Thus, there are two main psychological mechanisms for the formation of friendship on the basis of mutual trust and love: socialized and individualized. They can be described as the most significant components of communication in the process of which interpersonal relationships are formed.

The socialized form of friendship is characterized by the maintenance of mutual trust and friendship even in the absence of formal communication. On the basis of this feature, the psychological qualities of friends are originated. Through the family, the message of friendship is sent to the group. If a person is able to show the interest and desire to help in a particular situation, then, after a certain period of time, he begins to pay attention to the external features of friends.

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Individualized friendship is different from the socialized notion of friendship. It is expressed in the fact that the social roles of friends are reduced to the highest degree of cooperation, mutual service, and moral values over the life of the individual.

The high level of social interaction can be described as the highest level of cooperation in the system of which interpersonal relationships are built. The psychological elements of interpersonal interaction are manifested, that is, the exchange of rewards for the achievement of the highest goals.

The psychological value of the intimacy of interpersonal relationship is manifested, in particular, in the sacrifice of egoism and the acquisition of the ability to allow others to live on the lower level of the social hierarchy, in the process of sacrifice, the love of people.

The cognitive aspect of the relationship between equals is the consciousness of the fact that all factors, including the level of the cognitive activity of the individual, can be equal. In other words, this concept includes such factors as the size, quality, and state of the cognitive activity of the individual, the high quality of mental activity, etc.

Cognitive factors are the ones, which the person assess and the degree of mental activity records in relation to the comparison of different factors.