How to write about love in modern society

How to write about love in modern society

The days when our virtual world meets with the real world are changing in all ways. Online relations are playing an important role in our communication with other people. The ways to express an interest in someone are developing. The main question is how to read and work with online dating when the technology of the Web is most important.

Due to the technological progress, the old ways of interpersonal communication fall away. But the mechanisms of purifying the Web do not yet have a completely developed side. Only about 5% of people regularly communicate with each other in the network. But the study of behavior with online dating shows that, when a person registers on a dating site, they are interested in the chosen field of future partners.

The results of a survey on sexual orientation for college students were different in various ways. For instance, the survey was conducted among a survey of incoming students. The results of this study were published in the journal PLoS ONE. The experiment confirmed that for incoming students the traditional traditional way of draw up of a partner in college is quite effective. Among the respondents, 47% of men and 39% of women find themselves in a relationship (an indicator of early adulthood). But for the other participants in the survey, the picture of partners was quite different. Most of them saw that the relationships are more complex, more multifaceted, and long-lasting than in real life.

The results of the research on sexual orientation were published in the American journal of psychiatry and the survey of the scientific community was conducted in accordance with similar norms. And the results of these studies should be considered in detail in essays on online dating research paper.

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Mention in essay about standard dating that many researchers have regarded as models of human relationships. The psychological significance of sexual orientation is considered overstated. The words “kindness” and “justice” in quotation from the classical literature do not mean the accessibility of courtship for same-sex couples. The word “kindness” is understood as the ability to possess the qualities of human nature, manifested in the capacity for the same-sex love, the devotion, devotion, and activity in the name of the object of love, regardless of his individual characteristics. The “justice” is understood as the sphere in which persons are comparable, including the intensity of their feelings, their ability to suffer and work with others, their ability to enjoy the primeval period of youth, etc. The archety of love in which an individual attributes the highest value is quite obvious: it is above others – as above the surrounding society and the state – above society and the entire world. Love is not only a way to be with someone but also a unique opportunity to be with oneself. In some parts of the characteristics of love, which are considered unique, do not exist in any other arrangement.

Since the homophobic ideology of the 20th century, the emphasis on the importance of personal sexual purity and fidelity were fixed in the minds of many participants. In the minds of others, the notion of “honesty” became absurd. Only the oldest, most courageous, most patient and strong people were able to maintain silence and secrecy. Love is understood as the instantaneous exchange of feelings and energy of mutual service. The “weaker” receives the maximum attention. In reality, everything is much simpler. The “weaker” can feel the vibration of a heart at the touch of a strong impulse. The excess energy leaves the organism and all its functions slow down.

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If you’re going to write an essay on love in social networks, note that you can mention the dynamics of the formation of a romantic relationship in modern society. The problem of a vulnerable, creative, strongly feelings is characteristic of the time that is certified by the analogs of the primal human desire and the complexes of the formation of the first romantic relationships.

Rapid growth of non-traditional sexual orientation has occurred exactly within the framework of the transforming role of the individual as a cultural model. The radical transformation of the concept of love in society, the emergence of a hybrid system of relationships, their adaptation and change are described in the essay on same-sex marriages.

According to sociologists, there are several different types of relationships functioning in parallel in society: traditional (traditional) family which is called family or blood relationship; close (exceptionally close) family consisting of two or three generations; marital or marriage type which is called marital relations. The last definition of this type of relationship is deliberately suppressed by sociologists. Only the best and the most important relationships are actually envisioned within the framework of these types. The inner “I” does not really exist. These are the relationships of people created deliberately and relentlessly. Therefore, the word “honesty” replaces it in the minds of the individual.

There are many different marital types: homosexual, heterosexual, formative, traditional. Unfortunately, a lot of people have experienced homelessness and need housing benefits. The expense of one family member is hundreds of thousands of dollars.