How to write about love in the modern society?

How to write about love in the modern society?

Nowadays, it’s easy to understand that passion is the passion that is expressed in the scale of an emotional desire and demands an intimate relationship. The word “love” is most often understood as passionate love, which leads to an obsession and then to an anguish of love, a constant feeling of pain in the soul. However, this concept is not completely true.

If someone wants something but is not able or is afraid to realize what he has conceived, then, perhaps, this problem is not considered morbid. At the same time, it is not difficult to find an example of a love crisis essay on the Internet.

What is true?

As it is believed in the holistic school of philosophy, the truth is known by the hearts of the individual. If we could look at a vacuum of knowledge, then most likely, there would be no love, and we would have to look at the possibility of love in the modern society.

Classification of love in the West is very similar to the philosophy of humanism which knows one’s goals and motives. Adhering to certain rules, a person is able to respect another’s personality and desires. At the same time, it is desirable to show example of careful and responsible behavior in the field of driving.

Advantages of love

Despite the modern cult of self-disclosure and solitude, the essence of humanism still remains in the consciousness of many peoples. And this is the only definition of love we have. Love is a deeply sacrificial feeling of the heart, the ability to share the intimate space of someone else’s soul. Through this sense, the emotional connection between partners is preserved.

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With time, our planet has begun to understand and recognize the curious and inexplicable features of love. The scientific community is actively interested in the study of romantic love, which, however, were not considered as something original in the light of the whole research process. Only recently, the notion of “love” has been widely used to describe exceptionally intimate relationships between loving spouses. The possibility of such relationships (between spouses or sexual partners) is considered in the bio-psychological research of intimacy. The search for “my lover” is connected with the depth of the feeling of desire, the power of the feelings that are stirred by the sacrifice and the poetry of the love story.

  • In addition, the concept of family is being transformed by the educational system. The thinking of the child is combined with the traditions of the clan. The greatest focus is the upbringing of children. Thus, today, the family is a institution of society. Its values are formed and transmitted by the entire community.

    The principle of kinship “is above the principle of community” which, unfortunately, became completely drowned by the power of the adoption of the social agenda. The modern family faces a problem of reconciling the contradictions: the need for better relations between people, the desire for fair distribution of income, and the desire for equality of opportunities.

    The solution of many issues of domestic and family activity is embodied in a single act of the synergy of the above-mentioned priorities, the understanding of the beneficial and mutually beneficial connections between the parts of the community.

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    Socialist migration is the movement for the abolition of the segregated identity of marriage, the adoption of equal rules and measures in the field of marriage, the prohibition of any forms of discrimination between spouses and the application of certain rights, including the right to adopt children.

    Reformation of marriage in the modern way presupposes a major change in the value system of values, the attitude towards the relationship between the spouses. Therefore, the stabilizing of marriage sharply requires psychological development, a comprehensive study in the sphere of marital relationships.

    There is a new understanding of the stable relationships with relatives which may be described in a “what family means to me” essay. The definition of this concept is being developed both by social and psychological scientists and by researchers studying the nature and functional organization of the family, sociological and psychological theories.

    The family acts as a social institution in the system of mutual support and protection provided by a large number of mutually beneficial agreements between the partners. These agreements are based on the basic principles of morality and respect for the feelings of the spouses.

    Despite the change in the value system, the basic patriarchal system continues to be very important for the family. The embodiment and protection of the family is one of the main values and beliefs of the young family.