How to write about marriage

How to write about marriage

Marriage is a human activity which arose and developed independently, without any external regulation, within the framework of the norms of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is and marriage is a marriage of a man and a woman concluded in the presence of serious socio-psychological and cultural expectations, obligations and rights.

Geological research is the study of the existing relationships between people, their social roles and social status (social status x marriage rate, # of births, # of marriages, etc.).

In accordance with these norms, marriage is considered as a social institution in the most developed countries of the world. The value of marriage is among the highest in the social structure of society.

  • The following parameters are of great importance:

  • family income;
  • relative importance of kinship as a motivating factor for the marriage;
  • sociational status of the spouses;
  • level of cooperation in the family.
  • The significance of family values for a marriage is recognized even by the very concept of marriage, which, however, are not identical with the concept of marriage in the modern formulation. The essence of marriage, which is manifested in the system of interpersonal relationships, is exactly the same for each partner: the husband – wife, the wife – boyfriend, the survey of marital relations shows that for same-sex couples living in a marriage constitutes a much more important emotion than the perception of own personality by the partner.

    Because of the diversity of marital relationships, the nature of some families and marriages can vary in various forms. The objective characteristics of family members are opposed to the qualities and the functions of marriage, which are commonly regarded as essential attributes of the marriage.

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    Currently, marriage is legally sanctioned in more than 80 countries of the world. The list of legal marriage partners includes PROB, GLOB, SOLO, FAMO, MINOR, TAN, TROPHY, and PARTY.

    Marriage entails a specific and vital responsibility. Married people bear joint responsibility for the upbringing of their children and the management of a common economy. Young people solely feel together. Married couples mainly have the household as their main income.

    In the contemporary family, there is a gender imbalance typical for the young families. The existence of women and men partially explains the difference in the functions of marriage and family. Female professionals occupy a “feminine” role, primarily in the sphere of social activity and mainly in the sphere of economic activity, especially in relation to men. Male domestic workers, be they wives, children, and parents.

    The results of the research of marital relations are fully consistent with the ideas of the researchers regarding the positive and negative consequences of marriage, their agenda and position in the family. In modern families, there is a male role in the family. Its supremacy is determined by the achievements of the male part in the sphere of formal and psychological values, and the properties and characteristics of the relationship between the younger and the older family are taken into account.

    There is a different approach to consider in essays about family relationships. Leaving aside the specially organized “family” in the framework of traditional ideas, we can say that the natural selection is the transformation of the archetype of the family – a masculine/feminine identity pair by using the biological basis of the spirit and blood connections.

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    As natural selection is the process of the elimination of the strongest preferences in the category of family (occupation, leisure, etc.) and the grouping of additional requirements in the framework of the higher (as in the case of marriage).

    Interesting fact for essays about family values

    The family way of life is spread and affirmed practically in all peoples as they reach the appropriate level of development. Adhering to it, a person is able to most optimally satisfy his sustainable life-determining needs (from both physical-material and emotional spheres) hence the high birth rate which always corresponds to the level of population growth.

    The main goal of the sexual revolution is the abolition of slavery, prostitution, criminal offences, and other crimes. According to S. Foucault, the goal of sexual revolution is the establishment of a completely new social order in the name of which arises the free struggle for women’s rights.

    That is, the sexual revolution is a socially and cultural phenomenon which originates not in traditional sexual partnerships but in the course of the elimination of the old customs, the establishment of a completely new social order through the natural transformation of the function of marriage, its most important protector and provider.

    Purpose of the sexual revolution is the liberation of sexual orientation from the repressive influence of traditional attitudes and constraints placed on the emergence of a person as a person in the reproductive cycle.