How to write about marriage

How to write about marriage

Marriage is one of the most complex and popular methods of introduction. Such fundamental scientific conceptions are reflected in the semantic-linguistic and grammatical structures of the text. Marriage is a special social and historical phenomenon which is the most important element of the formation of a person, thegie of his individuality. Marriage is the personal union of a man and a woman concluded in the hearts of the partners, a unique opportunity to have own offsprings.


If you’re going to write the short essay about love, you should briefly restate the basic material and theses of the text, based on the information provided in the introduction.

Ways to win the love

If you approach the problem of love with a rational, philosophical approach, it will be difficult to find an inspiration. Love is a creative, imbued desire of a person to be with the same that he desires to possess. It is important to note that the concept of “honesty” does not apply in our daily life. When a person does not disclose the content of his desire, this makes the opponent of love, selfishness, the cause of suffering. In reality, genuine sacrifice, with its external weakness, has a clear idea of true love, which is based on the principle of Choice, Equality and Brotherhood.

Many politicians speak about the “hastily” lifestyle, the short attention to the appearance of their political party leaders. The fact is that the movement for marriage is a civil society affair which arose from the combination of the interests of the spouses – the desire of the whole society to ensure the well-being of a loved one.

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Social activity is associated with the activity of “hastily” in all social spheres: in politics, in the economy, in social life and especially in science and journalism. You should take into account the complex process of relations between social groups and marriage.

The main social movements consist of the organizations which are engaged in protecting the rights of the population, aiming to achieve and maintain equality, and communicate with other social movements, the manifestation of the collective spirit of the people. Usually, these are intellectual, philosophical works, literary works, various types of events, works of art, etc.

In the context of marriage, the following types of relationships between spouses can be described in essays on family relationships:

  • Personal union – the belief that the spouse is a unique and individual, the emotional attachment of which is stronger than the love itself.
  • Traditional marriage – the union of a man and a woman concluded in the presence of children (or their children) as a mother, father, or spouse. The child is a person whose birth is delayed in time due to the efforts of the husband. As a rule, in countries of the civilized world, the distribution of marriages is distributed according to the biological sex, and the preference of partners is usually distributed according to the traits of the marriage institution.
  • Modern marriage – the imaginary marriage of a man and a woman which is based on realistic feelings and emotions. The profile of the partner is drawn up according to the complex of the respondent’s attitude to the potential partner, the possibilities of their partnership and relationship responsibilities. Since the society requires individuals with the same attitude as partners, the image of partners is designed to reflect, describe, explain, to convince, etc.
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    Information for essays about family values

    The family is a legally approved or blood connection based on a group of people having a common mode of life and mutual responsibility. It is the cell of society where the informational provision of the social behavior of the individual is born and formed. Through the family, generations replace each other, the gene pool is enriched, new organisms are introduced and a genetic revolution is carried out.

    Through the family, generations replace each other, the cycle of the creation of the individual overcomes death. As a social institution, the role of the family is to help the person reach the highest level of development.

    During the childhood, parents, as a rule, the older generation, actually take on the role of the upbringing process, introduce them into the world educational process, and lead to a point of view toward the world. Often they struggle with their own morality, trying to satisfy the needs of the younger generation, satisfy the unconscious need for food and clothing, the desire for good education for children, etc.

    The result of the organic decomposition of the personality, which results in the formation of the individual (call him by the pronoun “I”, not “we”) or the social responsibility of the person leads to the positive change in the value system of the combined individual.

    Social changes through the family destruction are among the most significant in the social cycle of society. This is already mentioned, but only in the context of the change in the value system of the individual and the formation of the collective social identity.