How to write about marriage in modern society

How to write about marriage in modern society

Scientists often face a misconception of the fact that marriage is a historically normal institution. We could argue in favor of marriage being Christian. But the reality is different. Marriage is a specially organized relationship. It exists precisely because it is reproduced and developed by families. The information about it is encoded in the creation of the personality. The data on marital relations is accumulated in the course of the family’s development.

As a rule, in the family, the common modes of having a partner are adulthood and families are built on the basis of self-determination and mutual responsibility. Since the arrival of love into the sphere of marital relations, the couple provides a sense of stability and reliability needed both in the family and in society as a whole.

The selection of the partner in the family, as a rule, is not carried out on the basis of the appearance of some intrinsic qualities like the ability to feel love, the ability to share their problems and joys, the ability to create wealth only for yourself, etc. In the context of marital relations, the common mode of partner choice is widely used.

With the development of society, the value of personal life is elevated above material interests. The degree of assimilation in social relations has increased. The disintegration of the patriarchal system of values has increased. The privileges which were traditionally expected to be exercised by the masculine part of the family (the elite of society) have become much less important. In the system of relationships of modern people, the value of the collaborative work more often has appeared.

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If marriage is the idealization of lifelong relationships based on love and brotherhood, the characteristics of a sacrificial love remain in the family. But this complicates the nature of marital ties, increases the likelihood of psychological collisions which make the couple less strong.

There is a new understanding of the stable relationships with relatives which may be described in a “what family means to you” essay. The following assumptions are of the importance:

  • family is a deformed or a defective family, the failure of which leads to the common mode of family relations.
  • parents are inclined to impose on their children the burden of responsibility, and therefore, the kids are inclined to take the role of adults.
  • society is inclined to encourage the children to study outside the family. At the same time, the old-fashioned values of husband and wife remain in the family.
  • One of the most significant characteristics of a marriage union is the attitude towards children. The need for kids is in the first place among the qualities of the marriage institution. Marriage is the personal interaction of partners regulated by moral principles and supported by immanent values.

    The structure of family is determined by the balance of interests of the spouses. Advantages and disadvantages of marriage are analyzed, and, based on the observations, the differences between people are observed. There are several types of relations between spouses: parental responsibilities (husband and wife); communication and love – the main characteristics of this type.

    A specific characteristic of marital relations is the division of the person by the characteristics of the partner, their social and economic characteristics. The characteristics of spouses are those which the spouses meet on the basis of mutual trust and love.

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    These are the main characteristics of interpersonal relationships. So, you may note in essay about family sacrifice that, in matrimony, the true sacrifice always remains unchanged. Genuine masculinity and femininity do not compromise with the fundamental values of family.

    Useful tips on how to write quality “Importance of family relationships” essays

    The essay is represented as an academic paper on a certain topic. The main features of such work are unique author’s style, relatively small size, presence of the main topic and its subjective interpretation, free composition, inner semantic unity and ease of narration. The generated content also should be presented in the form of external, rather than internal logical structures.

    Issues which the author must correct have directly negative effect on the perceptions of the work by the audience. As a rule, an essay is focused on some proximate factor, and the suggested idea is aimed at increasing the objective value of certain observations, arguments or statements. However, the argument can be aimed at various goals, and the topic can be aimed at improving the world for the benefit of people or the entire environment.

    The tone of the speech is also important. The early preparation is the most important part of the working process which should be strong, crisp, clear, and reasonably reactive. The reaction of the reader to the author’s ideas is the main value in the evaluation of the work by the public. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for the speech with the appropriate phrases and expressions.

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    The image of the speech is determined by the reaction of the reader to the speaker’s thoughts, their perception of the text, ideas, and so on. In the image of the speech is determined by the necessary emotionality, expressiveness, as well as any number of other characteristics.