How to write about marriage in modern society

How to write about marriage in modern society

Marriage has ceased to be lifelong and legitimate: divorces, single-parent families have become the norm instead of exceptions. In the period of early adulthood (from 20 years), the motivation for marriage is very high. Nevertheless, 36% of divorces happen during first 5-10 years of living together. Unions concluded by spouses under the age of 20 may have problems in giving the new family a good example.

At every new stage in the development of society, when there is a reassessment of values, there is an increasing interest in the problems of family, morality, and spirituality. At the same time, in the complex conditions of modern life, the family, a unique intermediary between the interests of the individual and human community, found itself in the epicenter of social cataclysms. The science of familial values reveals, perhaps, the most important scientific work.

The researchers found that the norm of marriage is pressured by socio-cultural factors. The transformation of the family, which occurs quite inevitably, coincides with the process of socialization. The principle of kinship responsibility is widely used in modern society. The main task of marriage is to ensure that the most ambitious and vigorous person will get the dominant position in a dominant family.

The second stage is the transition from collective (social) to separating (external) ties. The results of this transition are significant changes in the values of some families. For example, the values of the most popular social groups have recently experienced a rapid change in the value of marriage, and the desire for children has decreased. Marriage, as a institution of socialization, is losing its attractiveness. The desire for children is widespread among young families regardless of their marital status.

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The causes of this process are the weakening of the institution of marriage, the non-binding nature of marital ties, their tendency to divorce and the creation of single-parent families instead of families. These trends are documented in the papers on family values. The results of the divorce practice are detrimental for the family as a whole, the motivation for which is the inability of couples to continue to build their own lives.

The doctrine of marriage, as a special social institution, is itself in the process of formation. Its definitions are constantly being changed and expanded. Thus, today, the old definition of marriage is in the process of being adapted to the conditions of modern life.

While marital relations are usually regarded as the most important form of family activity, other family members are also concerned about the problems of marriage, society and the environment. In society, there is a lot of information about marriages, and it is not easy to obtain accurate information about the status of people involved in such relationships.

People often try to avoid the psychological aspects of family. The outer physical appearance of a man is often improved by stronger social impacts: socialization, education, marriage. Thus, it is important to describe the workings of the family in social attitudes essay.

Marriage is one of the most important social institutions, along with marriage, children, kinship relations, and child welfare. Marriage is the most important social connection. Thus, the problems of population aging are directly related to the problems of family aging.

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The problem of marriage is especially acute for a young family. The child and parents are literally and psychologically unprepared for the tasks of parenting and urban parenting. Therefore, in terms of adolescent marriage, the process of puberty begins. There is a rapid growth of the baby in the family. The number of children continues to increase. The number of girls and boys who never marry, divorce, and the number of households and children significantly increases.

In the benefit of marriage essay, state that for a family, a person benefits from corresponding to one’s own personality. The inner changes take place. The personality begins to be fully realized, and the external parameters are usually corrected. Thus, according to social stereotypes, the values of young families are stability and family responsibility.

In the evolution of the family, the role of individual families and families is particularly important. The natural division of labor is distorted by the differentiation of labor responsibilities (boys and girls) and social responsibilities (the husband and wife). The result is the asymmetry of the personality and the desire for personal achievement. The results of this psychological discrimination cause the lack of development, the lack of desire to be a leader.

The imbalance of labor results in the democratization of the family, the adoption of children by a male role in the family, the direction of household activities in the family, the importance of traditional values over modern social values.

The results of the study of family values for the age gap between the older and younger families, the expert perception of own personalities by the younger children, the attraction of young people, the desire for a partner.

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The results of the cognitive research of the family, which were stimulated by the work of S.