How to write about marriage in modern society

How to write about marriage in modern society

Engagement of a romantic couple is typical for the formation of any healthy marriage. However, the modern family faces many problems. The first of them is the childlessness of women.

Marriage is a popularization of woman as a young widows, wives, mothers, and wives. This means that the problem of childlessness is most acute for young families. They are more vulnerable to the influence of socio-cultural stereotypes, which, in turn, leads to family dysfunction. The childlessness of women is manifested, in particular, in the increase in child marriages and family dysfunction.

Children marriages are a sometimes overstable form of family. They give rise to child marriages and family instability. There is a vicious circle around them: clients marry, start families, and then parents receive an income, leaving their children on their own. Thus, in modern families, there is a vicious circle of poverty and absolute poverty in which different kinds of people live in constant tension.

Modern children are not what we were. Without proper education and support, a teenager can be exposed to other people’s influences. Thus, there are multiple problems in the family: imbalance between the marriage and the circle of community, alienation of women from the professional sphere, social marginalization.

Reasons for the child marriages

The child marriage is often regarded as the norm in Western society. However, the opposite situation often turns out to be true: the inner voice of a girl is not yet considered in the vocabulary of marriage. The child does not yet have the vocabulary of a mature person. The speech of a child is still based on the emotional needs of a child, his desire for good to everyone, even despite material problems.

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There are many stereotypes, which can be described in essays on family relationships:

  • Growing up in a family, children become more emotional and aggressive. They easily become a role model for the rest of the world.
  • The need for emotional contact with the parents declines when the children do not receive such feelings. Out of the collective of image of a child, there is a reproachful attitude towards parents. Such attitude leads to the fact that they easily fall into the trap of a victim.
  • The desire for good to the children is rather heterogeneous in different age groups. The degree of realism of the perception of own personality increases in the process of maturing. At the same time, in the process of communication with other people, the ability to express own emotions declines.
  • The perception of own personality is increased when the child does not use special edifying means. The realizations of the child’s image are dominated by the need to conform to the image of a parent.
  • In the psychological context, the image of the child is associated with the activities of adults: parental functions, parental responsibilities, professional interests, household activities, moral and emotional support, the external attractiveness of children, their lack of life, their short-term and long-term intimate relationships, child marriages, divorce.
  • The child marriage is related to the problems of family, society and the idea of a common good. The world thus creates a new perfect family. The problem of sexual education is especially relevant for children.

    Because of the high permeability of the emotional sphere, the coupling of real events and ideas becomes more common. In the light of the moral weakness of the man, the image of human weakness is gas, which the child suffers from. Topic incest is the personal union of two adult persons, the psychological consequence of which is the need for intimate contact, emotional warmth and communication. The problem of child marriage is especially acute for child mothers.

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    As for the causes of child marriages, there is a controversial double standard which may be described in essays on family relationships: maternal and parental preferences, major differences in the value system of the spouses, psychological and social support, factors underlying the impact of the marriage on the formation of a healthy future.

    Psychological factors are the social and psychological content of the resultant relationship between the child and the parents, their conformity to certain roles in the family (relations between parents and children, social roles of husbands and wives, parental functions and attitudes of the spouses) that are dictated by the complexity of the tasks and the desire of the parents to take care of the child, in particular, the motivation to create of a family as a mother, father, or child.

    In everyday life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, when a husband loses his job and is forced to exist at the expense of wife for some time.

    Educational factors are the social and intellectual level of the spouses, their desire for close communication, increased willingness for the child to participate in family affairs, to show love and care.

    Most often, parents do not set stable conditions for marriage, and therefore, the child has no desire to be a partner for long.