How to write about migration in America essay?

How to write about migration in America essay?

Migration essay as a kind of academic assignment. It is a well-known fact that America is a country of immigration. Today, it’s people are able to send their children to the university and pay for this with their own salary.

However, if parents face financial difficulties, there is a social danger. Their children may return to the illegal immigration due to lack of finances. Nowadays, many illegal families have offspring, and this factor affects the outcome of the illegal migration. So, it may be stated in the harm of immigration essay that, for a certain group of immigrants, felonies and crimes have become a norm.

Teenagers, who come from poor families, have the greatest chances to be exposed to the illegal immigration. They are risk-capable, educated, and free. However, often families of illegal immigrants consist of teenage children, both in the parents and in the children’s families. The causes of child illegal immigration are variable: discrimination, lack of proper education and social protection, negative attitude of the society, resulting in the illegal entry, etc.

Influx of immigration. There are many factors contributing to the illegal entrance, and they are examined in the immigration and illegal immigration essay. Lack of cooperation between the immigrant and the native is reflected in the increased flux of illegal immigrants, which can lead to the occurrence of various border crossings and the exploitation of the low-skilled workforces, agencies, the lack of available jobs, the discrepancy between the real working conditions and the wage of illegal immigrants.

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Aside from the above, when speaking of the small percentage of unauthorized immigrants, there are such difficulties as racial discrimination, visa overstays, violations of visa terms and conditions, and getting over the visa quotas.

Most of the violations are concentrated among the unauthorized immigrants, regardless of their native country of residence.

Besides, at present, the illegal foreign workers pay little or no taxes, and the employer is often aware of the illegal tactics of exploiting the undocumented workers, it’s time to publish a guest worker essay on illegal immigration.

Based on the above problems, you may consider working on an illegal immigration research paper as an educational assignment. The topic may be some global, economic, political or social importance, for example, immigration and citizenship.

Illegal immigration essay outline

As you may find it on the Internet when searching for illegal immigration essay topics, the illegal immigration essay outline is an important part of the research process. It may be simply the same for each educational institution or organization. The exception is the case when the employer is a legal resident, the employer is his employee or client.

How to start the illegal immigration essay?

The main feature of the illegal immigration is the illegal desire of the mass movement of at least 1.5 million people from the contiguous space occupied by the USA in the period from the 9th January 2018 to the 19th January 2018.

In this regard, the illegal immigration essay introduction should be bright, intriguing, and widely discussed. It may contain the information about the process of obtaining the status of legal permanent US resident, no matter if it is his native country.

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Note in the essay for the illegal immigration evaluation essay that the number of unauthorized immigrants has reached the increasing digitized scale of Migratory units. In the future, when using such data, the immigration officials are required to make more and more attempts to remove the undocumented immigrants, regardless of their native country or educational level.

Unlawful entry. Most often, unlawful immigrants are students or tourists, have traveler or business visa type. However, the question of the “intent” of such incomers still does not exist.

More often, the problems of unauthorized students or visitors are caused by the behavior of the parents of illegal immigrants. Most parents are parties to the illegal entry, and in some cases, even illegal children are the ones, which resulted in the unlawful admission of the child to the educational institution.

Advantages of staying outside the USA:

  • Due to the lack of governmental regulation of the illegal entry, some aspects of the illegal entry are unreasonably monitored. The Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency keeps tabs on employment visas and the number of visas is constantly monitored.
  • Food and beverages are not subject to American entry, so they may be used as a way out of the problem.
  • The American Customs and Border Protection agency manages more than 50 thousand instances a year. They encounter a constant flow of unauthorized students and are overwhelmed by the task of protecting the borders of the American border.
  • The American government makes regular audits on employment records initiated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. In such a way the illegal immigration is actually detected early, before the actual violation takes place. The main penalties for the illegal entrance are fines, imprisonments, and removal from the USA.
  • In 1996 Congress passed the PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act.