How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue that many social groups consider as critical in the modern world. That is why, writing essays on minimum wage is especially relevant. In this article, we will briefly discuss the history of this problem and then explain why it’s importance for the mankind to raise the minimum wage.

Historical background for minimum wage essays

The issue of human rights arose during the development of society in the 17-18th centuries. In general, the labor market is very responsive to the changes in the demand for, which leads to both moderate and strong fluctuations in the wages of certain groups. In particular, the labor market is highly responsive to changes in the ratio of income to prices for certain goods.

In France, after the fall of Napoleon III, the minimum wage was raised in a number of points. For example, in 1793, it was reached 12 times higher than the norm of the initial salary. In 1810, it was increased by more than 2.5 times.

The fluctuations in the wages of agricultural workers are still significant. However, they have grown a lot since the 17th century. The average monthly wage in the agricultural industry is still more than four times higher than the global average. There is a tendency for the growth of a gap in the wages of agricultural workers: during the period between the Second World War and the beginning of the 21st century, the hourly wages declined by almost 20% for the average family.

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There were other, no less dramatic changes in the material and social sphere of many countries of the world. The total fertility rate declined in the last century, but the number of people has grown. The percentage of waiting time decreased, but the number of people employed in agriculture has increased. The share of agricultural products used in production has increased. The share of movement is the desire of the workforce to move to a higher value.

Agriculture has always been at the center of the middle class in Europe, especially for poor countries of the world. In the colonial era, the average income of farmers was almost three times higher than the incomes of other citizens. The percentage of people employed in agriculture was 4.5 times higher than the number agricultural workers.

However, the history of agriculture is not all that you should know when writing a persuasive essay on minimum wage. The history starts with the most famous and widespread form of human activity, which is farming. Almost all people intensively work in agriculture, i.e. produce primarily agricultural products. This characteristic is preserved even to the modern time.

Consequently, the labor of agricultural workers consists of three main parts: farming, production and services. The total income of agricultural workers in the US is estimated at $ 480 billion. Most of this money is spent on a salaries of the core workers (manager, supervisors, engineers, etc.). The workers qualify for the lower paid jobs only if they have a sufficient amount of free time and can often be found outside the work area. Even if the opening was highly valued at the time of the development of the economy, and high social mobility was maintained, choice of a job often depends on his integrity.

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The rhythm of life of the majority of the US citizens is so fast and inconstant that the occurrence of situations when, for different reasons, the wages change their positions is quite frequent. For example, in the history of the US, there are cases when the value of the work and, inversely, the wages of an average worker have become less than in the past couple of decades.

Such changes in the labor market occur against the background of constant pressure on the wages of workers. There is little room for growth and further improvement. The labor market is crowded with young, healthy people who cannot be employed, or part of them has already started trying to look for work elsewhere.

So, writing the essay on income inequality in America, you may analyze the behavior of managers and the state of their companies as well as the degree of social stratification of the workers.

The majority of workers come from the lower strata, i.e. middle class. There are a number of ways to this category: individual (middle class)lessness, the concentration of the middle class in one firm or another (isolated upper class), domination of the middle class by powerful entrepreneurs, desire for constant compensation for the services they provide, as well as social protection.

There are two main economic trends in the United States: the labor productivity is determined by the rate of production growth. The country’s population, which is also called in the Census a more detailed description of the activity of production. More than 1.5 times more than the population is engaged in agriculture, but only 2.5 times a year. The national population consumes underemployed workers from the start.

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There are maybe two trends at the moment: in the short-term effect (the consumption of non-wage labor) and long-term effect (production).