How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the “minimum wage” essay is connected with the fact that the phenomenon of minimum wage is endogenous in the economy of these states. The determination of the minimum wage rates is extremely difficult in the system of inflation. There is a serious impediment of this requirement because the interests of the majority of the population of the United States are not taken into account.

As a result, the wages of the middle class are lower than in other parts of the economy. You may explain in “why minimum wage should not be raised” essay that, in the popular theories of the United States, the minimum wage is created precisely to allow the low-skilled workers to continue to work appropriately. Then, the ensuing generations will benefit from lower prices in the labor market. As a result, the following problems will be encountered in the process of increasing the minimum wage:

  • slowly rising the minimum wage;
  • strict minimum wage rates are difficult to obey;
  • a substantial part of the low-skilled labor force will be mobilized and this process will continue;
  • if the number of eligible workers is very high, there will be a tendency for the growth of social inequality;
  • there will be a tendency for the growth of social insecurity, and the social ladder will be largely in the process of descent.
  • Proceeding to the next point of your minimum wage essay outline, pay attention to the fact that the issue of minimum wage is primarily a social problem, which does not tolerate participation of the individual in the work of such a society. Then you may consider the problem from a higher perspective. The lack of access to the academic work, in many ways, contributes to the issue of social inequality. The following implications should be mentioned in the solutions to poverty essay:

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  • the situation in the labor market is changed by the decisions of employers and the willingness of workers to accept certain conditions;
  • a significant part of the low-skilled workers loses their jobs, and this fact is reflected in the incomes of high-skilled workers;
  • the imbalance between the wages of workers varies in the social group as well as in the level of their employment;
  • decrease in the number of entry positions, and in the process of reduction of inequality, the number of people employed in agriculture is reduced, the situation with education and health deteriorates;
  • the balance between the wages of workers and the cost of education is disrupted.
  • Researchers note that the equilibrium of wages can sometimes tilt to 20/20 and sometimes more. In other words, the labor/costs ratio is used. There is a vicious circle which may be described in essays on income inequality: the labor gets the necessary pay for the work, but the quality of education and health deteriorates, and the lower class will feel the desire for social assistance.

    The causes of this problem may be very different. In the case of the decline in the wages of the middle class, this problem is usually associated with the increase in the number of entry positions to the labor market, the requirement for a certain decrease in wages, the scope of additional expenses, especially for social insurance.

    In the history of the United States, there are enough examples proving that the ideal type of the income inequality is not attained by the citizens. At the same time, the rather high salaries of the middle class attract attention of the society, because the salaries of the middle class are higher than the salaries of other Americans. In real terms, the middle class is an independent social subject capable of effectively performing its traditional functions: investing funds in the social sphere, playing the role of the national institution, acting as a stabilizer of socio-political processes.

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    There are many theories of economic inequality based on the interpretation of the nature of the distribution of incomes in the society. The following option is considered to be the most accurate in the practice of financial inequality: the labor receipts dominate in the structure of the incomes of the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. Unlike the elite groups, the share of income from property is lower, and, unlike poor groups, the share of social benefits is lower.

    The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the different attitude of representatives of social groups to certain types of activity, the conditions and content of labor. Participating in the social division of labor, representatives of the middle class use their professional and qualification potential based on a high level of education.

    The level of aspirations of representatives of the middle class in society is higher than in the fields of industrial and agricultural production. The aspirations of the latter are considered on the basis of a higher value system which is formed by a combination of self-interest and substantial economic activity.

    The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure.