How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the minimum wage essay is connected with the fact that the problem of many countries is acute: the economy and the quality of working conditions make it difficult for the low-wage workers to meet the needs of their employers (NFDC v. Barrett, 2007. P. 584-585). The question of the legality of raising the minimum wage in the United States is being discussed now. The problem of the discrepancy between the norms of the Minimum Wage and the demands of the labor market is widely discussed in the political science and sociological circles. There is no single solution for the issue of raising the minimum wage. And the discussion is not inevitable (although) implicit in the discussion. The task of the essay on minimum wage is to start the work on the controversy (or rather, the lack of work) and to lead the discussion in the direction of the real knowledge of what is happening in the world. Since the topics related to the analysis of the issue of labor demand are quite diverse, having reached a jointly diverse set of problems (labor force, culture, etc.), it is not easy to single out the minimum wage as the only solution for all these issues. If you write about the law in the minimum wage issue, it is appropriate to base the material on the exceptions, when discussing the particular of thematic conditions (for example, classification of people with low-wage workers, social, gender, age, etc.). However, if the topic related to the economics is too complex, you can consider writing about the culture in the region that you live in, or the technology applied for making the products, services, and principles of production. From the economic point of view, if the activity of the minimum wage is determined by the actions of the social, economic, and political leaders, then we can say that the level of the minimum wage determines the desired level of the business and economic activity in the country. So, what depends on the level of the minimum wage? As we can see, up to the present time, the decisions of the society are not always accurate. However, with the help of the slow change in the class structure of the United States, the balance is restored and the angle of life is being further advanced.

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If you want to make a change in the world and have set out to achieve the new life, you have to mention the following thought in your negative effects of income inequality essay: the model of the family is becoming more and more important. The structure of the family is reformed, and the children are taught the art of domestic and foreign cooking. The tradition is preserving the traditional family as a mother, father, and child or children. Such families are especially valuable. The value of the time spent within such families stays at a high level. Therefore, the question of the dissolution of the family, especially among the modern family, is among the greatest concerns. Among the social problems of the modern family, the tension of the family is particularly significant.

Since the ending of the last century, the process of family breakup has been repeating once again, but in a slightly different context. The reasons for this time lapse are the resurgence of the family as a social institution and, especially for young families, its desire for simplification of life, the loss of the status of the child, and the desire for acceptance of the older generations. Unfortunately, this process is repeated every few years. The reasons for this trend in the end of the twentieth century were different for each country of the industrialized world. The basic social problems, as a consequence of the activity of social groups, were solved at that time.

However, there were significant problems which should be described in essays on income inequality: the scarcity of high-quality jobs, the cheapness and the demand for them, the low quality of school education, the high criminal rate, and the spike in the number of antisocial families of various types. The very definition of poverty is often obscured by the fact that the number of people below the middle class in the industrialized countries is lower than the number above the middle class in countries of the developing countries. These factors have a significant impact on the process of inequality in the United States.

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The ratio between the incomes of the middle class and low-income workers has decreased. But the gap in the wages of blue- and white workers has widened considerably, the dynamics of economic growth is aggravated, the gap between the wages of top and middle class has increased. In the 60-70s, the real wages of the middle class grew more than 1.5 times. The salaries of its members were 3.5 times higher than the salaries of the lowest class.

There were several trends in the last half of the 20th century: in the supply of valuable and low-priced goods, in the demand for agricultural products, in a low-cost labor market. You may write in the income inequality essay conclusion that these differences in the incomes of certain social groups were solved by the middle class.