How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue that many social groups in the United States encounter. The increase in the minimum wage might lead to big companies having bigger expenses for labor. Thus, to maintain the stability of the economy in the near future, the work of some minimum wage workers may be replaced by autonomous devices that will help to create the new jobs. In this regard, you might also propose the rise of the minimum wage as a solution in to making the economy workable and offer some ways of fixing it. Perhaps, the rise of the minimum wage will lead to big companies having bigger expenses for labor. Thus, to stay on the market, the minimum wage earners would have to spend a little less money on their businesses and some consumers would have to pay more attention to the situation. Another way to make a rise in the minimum wage essay is to look at the politics of these countries that experienced from the very beginning. They had the highest minimum wage in the world and it is already quite high. The only reason for that is the German labor shortage. Because of the omnipotence of the middle class, successive periods of unemployment have led to massive unemployment, depressions in living standards of the middle class. So, it is not fair to claim that, in these countries, the wealthy have no intention to try to avoid the responsibilities burden that they have no desire to avoid. On the contrary, the middle class strives to fill in the gaps in the income of the middle class, which is especially noticeable in Europe. In the British Empire, the middle class made tremendous strides, particularly in the fields of science, culture, and style. The industrial revolution that began in the post-war period and continued in the 1960-1970s. In Europe, the middle class was capable of making a significant contribution to the economic growth of the country. The story of how the middle class became the most powerful and the most widely viewed in the world indicates the presence of the rule of the middle class in the post-war period.

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The process of class differentiation in the United States is reversed. At the beginning of the XX century, the vast majority of the citizens were engineers and leaders. This class was powerful and, in the opinion of the American businessmen, almost the most important class among the citizens. Do not forget to include this in your essay on income inequality.

The next stage in the development of the middle class was the liberation of the working day from social insecurity and destitution, the latter included the workers from the lower strata. Often this group was characterized as a “second class” in the social process of social mobility. Lower, indigent, and lower-class people had less chance to earn their living, were concentrated in the urban poor. You may write in “How income inequality affects the American dream?” essay that the “first class” in the social hierarchy did not enjoy the full “legends” of the middle class.

The second class, which emerged in the post-war period, was formed by the individuals of the lower strata. The earnings of members of this stratum were lower than the incomes of other Americans, but higher than the wages of British and French workers. The vast majority of these people were workers who formed a new middle class.

In the process of social mobility, the middle class grew. The number of participants in the process of social mobility increased. The degree of social mobility of the population was higher than in the case of the first class. The dynamics of economic and status relations in the second half of the 20th century was stronger than in the case of the first class.

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The middle class reached 60% of the population. As of the initial level of social mobility, this figure was already too high. But America did not expect such a result. The main postulate of the socio-economic development of the first class was the struggle for the upper class acceptance in the social hierarchy. The struggle for the middle class was a common thing. However, the process of social mobility was different from the struggle for the upper class. The facts of its existence differed from the dynamics of the class differentiation.

As a rule, the middle class consisted of 2-3 generations, the moment of the appearance of the middle class in the United States was at the stage of formation. The subject of the middle class was America, which provided the world with the material base. The society performed many social functions, the tone of which depends on the level of the development of the economy.

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