How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the minimum wage essay is connected with the fact that the issue of the minimum wage is topical now, in political circles, and in the economic arena. Theoretical approaches to this problem have not yet been finally clarified, and therefore, they may be considered in different ways. Let’s talk separately about each of them.

The first way is the empirical research. This means that you are not looking for the eternal or metaphysical factors that determine the behavior of various people, but the specific social and economic problems of the world. The research can be oriented at the analysis of the rise of the minimum wage in the metropolis, as well as the ideas about the minimum wages in the countryside. In the first case, you will examine the topic based on the research of cities and the big cities of the late XIX century. The biggest cities of this time were exploring the problems of managing the nature of their citizens, ways to solve the problems of the excessive workforce, as well as problem of managing the factors that lead to excessive hiring, enabling to earn livable salaries for all low-wage workers. In the second case, you will focus on the reverse side of the problem, which is excessive workforce. In countries like the USA, it is generally believed that the incentive to hire is considered to be too high. As a result, people that cannot afford to pay for living salaries are usually hired only by the very high salaries, and the government provides support to such people, the reason for which the salary is increased. This is an opinion of the absolute social worker.

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Another theory suggests that governmental programs that pay thousands of unemployed people monthly financial help, often (but with certain exceptions) losing the wages of other citizens. This is a popular example of how a society-wide program like the National Minimum Wage could cause massive unemployment, and its negative impacts, including but not eliminating the problem of the lack of workers. Instead, this effort should be aimed at helping to get out of the poverty. Then it would be possible to propose a more appropriate solution that would satisfy both low-wage workers and the vast majority of the society.

The main problem with this approach is that, in general, it is not true. Yes, sometimes the lack of work is the reason for poor academic performance, but in some cases, you might be surprised that the economy is even worse. So, you have to be careful when picking up the topic, that you will write about. If you are looking for the honest tips and tricks about how to write a persuasive essay on minimum wage, the best thing to do in this situation is to look at the attitude towards the problem of the minimum wage and think about the possibilities of changing it for the better. Just remember to make sure that any changes should be done in your own words, and you should only move in the direction that you would choose. Oh, we know that in some cases it is quite possible to change the case, so you will write about that instead of telling about the history of the minimum wage. But you should definitely pay a little more attention to the overall picture of the problem and its gradual gradual decrease in the future. In your changes and possibilities essay, you could explore the future of minimum wage and how it would need to be fixed. Maybe, even in the near future, when looking at the graphs of the most industrialized countries, you would make different conclusions regarding the areas like the economy, politics, health care, social issues, and so on. The very reason for that is the fact that every new person in the public sector is examined in the minimum wage test. Your assignment here would be to look at the possibilities of a minimum wage rise and compare it with the results of the most recent approximately equalization of the labor force, or group tests on unemployment, than only the result on employment, wage, widows, divorced persons, etc.

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You might also want to compare the politics and the economy to this type of tests. As you may already know, the explosion of money makes this process almost instantaneous and gives this type of results a powerful impact on the economies of these countries. This is also an ideal way to compare strategies for maintaining the middle class in developed countries like the USA, England and Germany. If you compare them, it is hard to believe in the potential of future income growth for the middle class. Here we can see how the affluent groups are able to grow their businesses precisely because they are not just wealthy, but also they are highly disciplined, have high education. This quality is essential in order for the society to be able to fight poverty, as we can see that the opportunities to gain from the middle class have all increased considerably, even though the middle class itself is still recovering from the recession.

In the cultural sphere, the middle class is one of the most important subjects to be studied. Also, it is sometimes called the main foundation of society.