How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The relevance of the minimum wage essay is connected with the fact that the phenomenon of wage criticism is characteristic for the society and the world as a whole. The teacher and the professor approach their disciplines very attentively. Therefore, the student may need to make some effort to foster the critical thinking.

When writing essays on economics, it is not always enough to briefly express the views on the given topic. The necessary information and facts are often indicated only in the very beginning, which makes the paper unconvincing. At the same time, it is not enough to briefly express the views on the philosophy of human rights. The researcher should have enough background info on the topic.

As a rule, professors make a general overview in a class and ask students to elaborate details at home. So it is not always necessary to write essay with the famous academic sources to achieve the high academic performance. In such a case, it is enough to indicate the possible consequences of some actions.

The professor does not argue with students on the importance of raising the minimum wage. The research conducted by Professor Carl Jung showed that the changes in the value system lead to changes in the number of people employed in the labor market. The results of the study are valid for a part of the workforce, but the others suffer mainly. The results of this study should be taken into account in the essays on increasing minimum wage.

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The consequences of changes in the labor market are felt by the employees of the agricultural industry, the middle class in the industrial sector, and the technicians. These groups can be targeted at anyone: students, teachers, employees of enterprises, business, governmental structures, aikmen, doctors, etc.

As a result, the equilibrium of social relations is disturbed. The struggles of the middle class are believed to be the most important ideological and organizational feature of society. Usually, the protagonists are politicians.

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How to understand the terms “inadequate wages” and “fraudulent wages”?

These are several concepts connected in one ultimate goal – the diagnosis and treatment of people by the society. They have different meanings and different connotations.

The word “inadequate” means the inadmissibility of earning more than the minimum wage rate held by a particular group of workers. This is a very general term formed from the decoding of the human desire for the ideal solution of all problems, the obsession of the individual to the ideal result. “Fraudulent” is a general negative term formed from the combination of the above types of wordings. A dishonest act is one of the most widespread forms of undesirable behavior.

The following definitions of this concept exist:

  • inadequate wages. The income of certain groups of workers is lower than the incomes of others.
  • law system requiring improvements.
  • culture of some countries in general.
  • history of the movement for the elimination of slavery.
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    Topics for writing on population problems:

  • problem of population growth.
  • annual fluctuations in the population’s status.
  • feedback of the economy, as well as the status of the middle class in the society, its influence on social institutions, antagonistic reactions to the activities of other social groups.
  • relations between the population and the state, its social and economic content.
  • changes in the status of the older generations, their growth and decline in the number of children and the rural population, their migration, decline in the birth rate, their desire for accommodation in cities, their desire for better life, and the like.
  • The role of the middle class in the process of social mobility (its transformation through the process of social exclusion).
  • as migration is associated with the process of urbanization, the decline in the birth rate, the young families, the decrease in the number of children, the struggle for the elimination of slavery, and the spread of the inferiority of the upper class.
  • increase in the working capacity of the economy, the hirelings, foreign employees, the use of child labour (which, in turn, leads to social inequality) is held out of the increase in the number of working kids.
  • the struggle for the middle class participation in the social division of labor, for example, the formation of a labor aristocracy.
  • The struggle for the elimination of slavery takes place in the era of the industrial revolution. The world reaches a completely different level of economic development, the transformation of the distribution of surplus value.