How to write about minimum wage

How to write about minimum wage

The minimum wage is a controversial issue that many social groups have polarizing opinions about. That’s why, writing a minimum wage essay is especially interesting for a group of scholars. Let’s get this thing rolling and learn the most common myths about the minimum wage being raised in the US. The facts below might seem shocking for you, but at the same time they are perfectly accurate and they are supported by some relevant sources. So, let’s get this show down the road and start preparing your essay day by day.

It is absolutely true that the minimum wage is raising in real dollars. The federal law requires raising the minimum wage to $8.25 per hour. The current law is applicable in all 50 states, every state of the US has its own set of rules regarding the minimum wage. It is easy to find the credible sources to support your claims. For example, the Huffington Post wrote about the importance of raising the minimum wage in America in their article on the economic and social consequences of raising it. They argued that higher salaries would lead to employers having to reduce the amount of their workers. However, in the past several years, the situation has changed quite a lot from the standpoint of the average worker. With the onset of the first big companies’ private companies (like Bain and Boston Consulting Group), the situation with the minimum wage has also changed radically. Now, when the firm is engaged in the production of paper goods, they pay more attention to the content of their employees, which means that the salaries of some workers are getting higher just a little bit more. There are also claims that the minimum wage may lead to worker retraining and increase in the number of low-wage workers. However, there are very few of companies that maintain the kind of solid reputation within the industry because their employees are mostly newcomers from the lower strata. You can also see that the number of people hired and paid consultants has increased significantly in the past few years. As a rule, the balance between the number of people and the number of firms is not at all in their favor.

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There is also a tendency for individuals to shift their income to the company through the lower class. You can see the trends of absolute income inequality in the graph of incomes below. As of a few years ago, the wages of the middle class were only 11% higher than the incomes of the lowest class. Now, the wages of the middle class have grown to 45% higher than the incomes of the lowest class. This is definitely not the best story for the history of inequality in the United States. Moreover, in the year of the election, the vast majority of the candidates promise to increase the incomes of the middle class. Thus, for example, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) states in his essay on income inequality that he would work to eliminate poverty and inequality. Unfortunately, many of these promises turn out to be empty and conviction-killing lies. The income inequality and poverty are closely connected to each other, and sometimes one thing can result into the other.

The other thing that is often forgotten, is the distinction between the middle class and the lower class. There is a widely accepted myth that the middle class is the most economically privileged part of society, and the lower class is the cheapest. However, in the real world, the middle class is not a “broker” or an independent social group. It is important to note in essays on income inequality and happiness that the opposite situation often becomes true: the poor and the wealthy classes dominate the middle class in the social hierarchy.

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The actual correlation between the middle class and the lower class is far from unambiguous. If all people have Maxwell’s IQ, then, in terms of intelligence, the middle class is not only the most developed race, but also the most intelligent. Because of this, the middle class is very adaptable to the changes of economic conditions.

The idea of a “classical” middle class, which distinguishes what the middle class is today and what the future will be, is appealing to the aesthetic sense of the common humanity. The middle class is a image of a trustworthy, respected person whose position is usually determined by his ability to earn money without interest.

The word “middle class” is most often understood as a social group, a “social issue” or a “social ritual”. The intention of the vast majority of the population of the United States in recent decades is to make the income of the middle class more than it is now. In the conceptual framework, the term “middle class” means a part of society that occupies the status positions between the top and bottom in the social hierarchy. Through its maintenance, widening and strengthening, the state can prevent high income inequality.

There is a generally accepted methodology for measuring income inequality in the United States.